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July 31, 2008

Session Two - Day Nine

This is my second year at Summit. All the speakers I've heard - both this year and last year - have been knowledgeable in their field, purposely made you think, and gave you something to remember. Many have been life altering - but only a very few have been life-changing. Dr. Jeff Myers' "Marriage & Family" sessions completely changed the way I view marriage and family last year, and this year it became even more rooted into my thought process.

I was asked why it was so important to even have Marriage & Family at Summit - after all, most of us are barely college-age and aren't ready to get married. The answer is simple: the better we understand God's design for marriage (our possible future) and the way guys and girls relate to each other, the better we know how to treat each other today. Believe it or not, the way I view marriage impacts the way I treat guys around me even at the age of seventeen. If my view of marriage was that it isn't sacred, special, or beneficial to both involved, I would probably have a different lifestyle.

Dr. Myers energetically brings us back to the beginning. The very beginning. Starting in Genesis, he takes us back to creation - to God's original design for man himself, and then later for woman. He goes over how massive Adam's task truly was - naming the animals, subduing the earth, etc. So he gave him woman (which helped with the whole "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth" part of the deal). As Dr. Myers walks us through the Fall and the following curse, he brings to light what truly is Satan's plan for declaring war on the family. Now before I sound alarmist and slightly out there, listen for a moment. As Satan and the family were put against each other in the Garden of Eden, so they are today - our world is full of abortions, low marriage rates yet high divorce rates, homosexuality, trivialized sex, forgetting woman's design in pornography, and an ever-increasing "generational gap" between children and their parents. The family is suffering, and Dr. Myers' second session is full of tips to help us realize, understand, and act. The notes from the second session, the ones I took a year ago, remain close by no matter where I am. They are demanding and encouraging, and remind me that even I can have an impact in this area. These sessions are a crucial part of the Summit experience - if you haven't had your views challenged, confirmed, and changed yet, what are you waiting for?

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