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July 29, 2008

Session Two - Day Four

Whoa! Tuesday at Summit was amazing. The morning lecture was from Dr. Phillips on Biblical Foundations. He explained the necessity of knowing the scriptures and knowing the history and patterns of the Bible as a whole. He taught us to look at the metanarrative (big picture) of scripture. I felt like I was in a nutrition class learning about God's bread and water. For real - Dr. Phillips and his passion for God's word were very encouraging.
Next up was Dr. Noebel, speaking about what a worldview is and the six main worldviews out there. Although the content was very serious, he was hilarious! He told us to "hang on to these six, and you cannot be fooled." He then gave us a list of books to read that would help us know the opposition and counter it with truth. It was a much needed reality check about the dangers of losing the fight of faith in college, and how to be ready when the time comes.
Finally, Ben Williams went deeper into the idea of Transcendentalism - the belief that all is one and everything is god. He exposed the media and subtle tactics they use to spread transcendentalism. What I really valued was his explanation of not only the key problems of this idea, but the key advantages the idea holds that attracts people. That was important for application; to understand where these people are coming from.
When I heard that Summit was like "drinking out of a fire hydrant," I expected to be overloaded with too much information. Instead, it's more like being injected or marinated in God's Truth. The Truth is wonderful.

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