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July 14, 2008

Session One - Day Six

What are the differences between the four gospels?
How has religious pluralism affected the US public education system?
How have law and government changed since the days of the founding fathers?
What is truth?
How much faith does it take to be an atheist?
And the most mind-boggling of them all: are hamburgers alright to eat, even after flies have been all over it?
All these questions and more were answered today, Day six, at Summit.
Dr. Gary Phillips, Dr. Terry Moffit, Dr. Paul Boling, and Dr. Norman Geisler were our speakers today. These lectures answered all the questions above except for the final one. To find the answer to that question we had to travel to Fort Bluff.
At the nearby camp ground of Fort Bluff, Summit Students played paintball, volleyball, soccer, put-put, Frisbee, and basketball. Bryan College's amazing chefs came along and produced an amazing meal! This meal consisted of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, chips and cookies! As we sat down we quickly found out we were not alone. Thousands of flies wanted to partake of the same meal we planned to eat. Even with the flies on the food, it was still safe to eat and delicious. After finishing our meal and fighting off the flies we boarded the bus to return to campus. Dr. Geilser concluded our exciting day with an excellent lecture. We are all thankful for another intriguing day in Tennessee. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying that we would obtain knowledge that would stay with us for a lifetime. Also pray that God will use each one of us for His glory to change the world. We are praising God that every day at the Summit has been an amazing experience!

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  • February 23, 2009 // 03:19 pm //  # 
    Jordy's avatar Jordy

    REALLY!? Thats awesome!!! I attended the Tennessee conference last summer and learned so much, plus I now have so many amazing Godly friends that I would have never had if it hadn’t been for summit! Now I’m trying to get my mom to come with me for the first week of my conference so that she can see the whole of everything that we learn! Hope you really do get to come you will love Summit! smile

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