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July 14, 2008

Session One - Day Seven

Today started rough. I woke to what, at first, I thought to be the smell of eggs and bacon, but was disappointed when it turned out to be the repulsive smell of feet permeating my every corner of my room. I opened one eye to look at my digital clock. It read 8:09 AM. I sighed, not yet realizing my first lecture started at 8:15. My stomach grumbled as I pondered munching on a few cheez-its before preparing to leave. I then realized my predicament. I have always dreamed of flying. I believe I may have reached my goal this morning. My covers exploded as I soared from my bed. After struggling to put in my contacts, I threw on a shirt, grabbed my bible and hit the hallway at a sprint. I decided to take a shortcut to the lecture hall. Frazzled as I was, I forgot to factor my speed to grass friction ratio. I slid/tumbled down the grassy knoll, collecting my own share of morning dew on my pants. I regained my footing at the base of the hill and continued on to chapel. I made it with a few seconds to spare. After brushing off my hands and sitting down, I grabbed my notebook and gave my attention to the speaker. I spent the next several hours with my stomach growling and smelling like a garden gnome. My only comfort was a small bag of teddy grahams I managed to eat when the speaker's back was turned. After the lectures were complete, I returned to my room and cleaned off. I put on caving attire and otherwise prepared to climb into a muddy hole with the stalwart counselor Evan heading the way. Caving was great! There's nothing like crawling through small, dark places listening to someone make Velociraptor sounds. My experience at Summit has been really fantastic. I feel as if I never knew what I needed to know to provide a consistent argument for Christ's supreme authority and a stable Christian worldview.

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