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July 12, 2008

Session One - Day Four

Today Dr. Ellis spoke to us on Islam. His teachings on the historical background of Islam truly opened our eyes to the dangers of this oft misrepresented religion. Because of his wise words, we are able to see through the world's depiction of Islam and to knowledgably witness to Muslims. We also heard from Dr. Wise about Creation Science. This was a fascinating talk. He described the evidence for the creationist perspective but consistently brought us back to what truly should be at the foundation of our understanding of these issues: our faith in the Word of God. He concluded the evening with a personal and very emotional story of his relationship with his mentor, the famous evolutionist, Dr. Steven J. Gould. Gould was a dear friend and a personal mission field of Dr. Wise. He contracted cancer and was thought to be dying and Wise thought he might be near conversion when Gould received a letter from an angry Christian declaring that he prayed that Gould would get cancer and die! This totally closed whatever openings were developing to the gospel. Gould recovered but died unconverted. Wise's point was to tell us that "no human is your enemy." We can never let the arguments and the big name atheists destroy our Christian love and witness. Over all it was quite a day of learning for us all.

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