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July 20, 2008

Session One - Day Eleven

First of all, I greatly enjoyed Mrs. Brezina's lectures, especially her analogy of a tree for a person's views. The roots symbolize a person's worldview; the trunk is one's values, and lastly the leaves represent our actions. Also her clear evaluation of our Founding Father's statements to show there obvious belief in God and Divine Providence was most insightful.
Our next speaker was Dr. Beisner who, through his use of numerous statistics and other compelling scientific facts proceeded to shed light on many of the misrepresentations and outright lies being propagated by the environmentalist crowd. In addition to all that he taught us how small of an effect mankind can make on our world for good or for ill.
After these sessions we all separated into our chosen majors. Mine was economics with Dr. Charles Van Eaton. We resumed our discussion on taxes and how they affect the economy. And he described the difference between tax rates and tax revenues.
In our last session, which was quite possibly my favorite, Dr. White discussed Darwin, Freud and Marx. He illustrated how they had all been discredited on several counts and yet are still held as visionaries among the intelligentsia.
Well I hope I have shown you a snapshot of the brilliant truths and insights that we at Summit et to soak up each day.

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