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July 26, 2007

Session 2 | Day 3

As I began writing I wondered what exactly everyone back home would want to hear about. I came up with three things that would probably be on the list.

1. Have there been any injuries?
That depends on the severity of the injury. There have been occasional headaches (probably from the amount of material, as well as lack of sleep) and upset stomachs, but nothing a little Tylenol won't cure. Sport injuries from Ultimate Frisbee and Adventure Ball remain minor.
2. Are you making new friends?
That has been my favorite part of Summit so far. I've met people from all over the United States. I'm surrounded by people who are so different and yet we're the same, united in a common cause: Christ. I find it funny that no one sits at the same table everyday. At each meal you're surrounded by different people that you've just met or maybe you were standing in line with. As we meet new people there are less and less new faces and more and more new friends. Exciting!
3. Are you learning anything?
We are gaining more information than we can possible comprehend. It's going to take weeks to process all of the content that's being thrown at us. Today we listened to Dr. Jeff Meyers teach about Communication Without Fear. In order to become effective ambassadors for Christ we must learn how to communicate effectively. Earlier today Mr. John Stonestreet spoke about Postmodernism and its effects on our society. The discussion of these issues will, no doubt, aid us as we step onto a college campus.

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