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July 24, 2007

Session 2 | Day 1 - Arrival and First Day

It's hard to put into words the feelings that flash through one's mind when one of the most highly anticipated moments of summer is upon him. Weeks have gone by since I walked the stage at my high school graduation and prepared to step beyond the doors of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I know that each and every choice that I make will have a profound effect upon the man I am to become. Summit is one of those choices which I know is bound help me become the man of God that I so desire to be. Nevertheless, my task it seems is to draft a brief message that will encapsulate the first few days of Summit and provide an overview for all of you who did not have the privilege of attendance.

Arrival on Sunday was a bit interesting. Due to my family's travel plans, we did not have the luxury of coming by at noon once registration had opened. Instead, I was dropped off by 10:30 that morning. This led to quite a lot of spare time to engage in one of my favorite activities: reading. Another guy named Peter was in similar circumstances, and I was able to talk with him while several others slowly filtered in, providing me with plenty of people with which to converse. That evening, orientation went well, preparing us for what will honestly be a demanding two weeks, but will, without a doubt, be worth the toil.

Monday was the true start of the camp, started earlier than some would have liked with breakfast at 7:15. Breakfast was followed by the first true class, basically an introduction to camp and a challenge to make the most of the camp and to grow in wisdom. Worldview was thrown out as a key term for the next two weeks, being defined as the framework that every man uses to interpret the world around him. This in turn will influence his every decision, and thus having a well defined and consistent Christian worldview is crucial for us and necessary to live strongly for Christ. First up was a set of in–depth sessions dealing with just one key point in an authentic Christian worldview: the value and sanctity of human life, even before a person's birth. Scott Klusendorf of the life training institute was our distinguished speaker, and he provided a powerful argument in defense of the lives to the unborn.

Following free time, which included an incredible game of adventure ball (basically a combination of various ball sports and capture the flag), the final session of the day was just as powerful, being on the subject of evangelism, presented by Mark Cahill. This man's passion for the Lord and love for his fellow man has given him a great burden to reach others, as well as courage to engage them in conversation on spiritual issues and topics of eternal value. Additionally, he shared the message that whenever we witness, no matter what outcome we have won. Whether we are accepted or merely plant a seed, and even in flat out rejection we have furthered the cause of Christ and have no reason to be ashamed. This being only the first day, and but eight of the numerous hours we will spend in class this week, I cannot wait to see how God will be working for the rest of the week. I really have a hard time thinking of any better way to start my final month before I enter through the doors of college to the world that awaits me.

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