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July 18, 2007

Session 1 | Day 9

This morning tired Summit students trudged to the chapel for the first session. Worn out from over 40 hours worth of sessions, it was starting to become hard to pay attention. While finding seats and opening up notebooks, many of us dreamed of going back to bed. Then with one look at the schedule the students knew they better prepare themselves for a wake up call: Pastor J.R. Kerr.

We knew from last night that J.R.'s energy was out of control, and there was no way this was going to be another sleepy session. His previous session was entitled "What is the Church?" and had put to question our different thoughts on how we view the church. We were encouraged to look at the church as something eternal, not just a building limited by time. Life is measured in quantities of time and time on earth is short because of death, but Jesus conquered death. We learned that in our time we must spread life to others by obeying the Great Commission, and that while we do this we must also have confidence in knowing that it's not about us—it's about God. Regardless of how we feel we've messed things up, the end is already written.

This morning Pastor J.R. was still very enthusiastic. He demonstrated this by basically pushing passion and energy into the students. The first session was entitled "What to do with the rest of your life". The session took on a more personal feel as J.R. would call on students to share their thoughts, goals and callings. He explained how we should use our talents for God no matter what they were or how odd they might seem. His example was perfect as he told the story of one of his close friends; a male supermodel for Christ and about how we all have an identity in Christ.

The next and last Kerr session of the morning was similar to the one directly before it. It was entitled, "Next Level Leadership". J.R. asked how many of us viewed ourselves as a leader, and, in my opinion, a surprisingly small amount of students raised their hands. He went on to explain that leadership ties directly to influence and God has given us as humans the power to influence each other in just about everything we do. Looking back on my own life I realize that what J.R. told us is so true, and now that I realize the effect my life can have on others I am motivated to model my own life after Jesus Christ. I am thankful for Pastor J.R. Kerr's influence in my life as leader.

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