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July 17, 2007

Session 1 | Day 9 - The Summit Experience

Ten days ago, I found myself on the steps of the Student Center of Bryan College, eager to move in to my room and commence the Summit experience. I was looking forward to a fortnight soaking in a Biblical worldview before entering a public university and being bombarded with foolish worldly wisdom and challenges to my faith. Here in Dayton, I could revel in conservative Christian fundamentalism – hurrah! Summit has not disappointed me in the least. We have had hours of teaching by world–class speakers on subjects ranging from postmodern philosophy to the importance of origins to evangelism. My mind is stretching and growing to take in all the information – a perusal through our 200+ page notebook would give you some idea of how much there is to learn.

I've found myself greatly challenged by these talks. I tend to be a rather intellectual person, with an emphasis on rationality and little time or understanding for emotion; however, speakers like John Stonestreet and Dr. Wise have shown me that reasoning and apologetics do not hold all the answers. God created us with emotions as well as a mind, and declared both good. God Himself experienced joy and sorrow, laughter and weeping when He came to this earth as Jesus Christ. The ultimate answer to all questions lies in God – the God who created us in His image, who loves us dearly, who suffers with and for us. Arguments alone will not save you.

Thought–provoking talks and deeply transforming realizations are not the only part of Summit – there's also fun! After rising early to a morning full of lectures, we have a sizable chunk of the afternoon dedicated to recreation and relaxation. Around campus, there are tons of activities, from ultimate frisbee to ping pong to a tarp water slide. Personally, I'm a big fan of air hockey – you'll find me often enough in the Game Room. There are plenty of things to do off campus as well, like a creationist tour of the Knoxville Zoo and a fossil hike, both with Dr. Wise. Beware – that man walks very fast, leaving sprier and longer legs struggling to keep up. It is greatly worth it, however – he is full of wisdom and knowledge and humorous anecdotes. The dorms are great, though – alas – I cannot say the same for the food. You can be sure that we sleep well after a full day in lovely air conditioned dorms. Overall, Summit is a great, life–changing experience that I would recommend to anyone.

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