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July 16, 2007

Session 1 | Day 8 - Summit, Week One: Lectures

It's hard to believe its only been seven days since we arrived at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee to attend the amazing Summit. Already, we've had roughly 36 lecture hours (by ten different speakers!). We've overviewed several religious worldviews; we've zoomed in on postmodernism, the New Age movement, abortion, evangelism, communication, & marriage. We've talked about socialism, communism, truth, leadership, & what happens when worldviews collide.

When you think back on the hours spent in class, some of it can mush together in a mix of note taking, powerful realizations, & even some tears. All of them have been educational & fascinating, but some stand out more than others. As empowering as it is to learn how to evangelize to those thought "too far gone" by those around you, & to learn the historical foundations of the Bible, who can forget what you felt during Mr. Klusendorf's Abortion? Or the tears & words shared by (what have become) some of your closest friends after Mr. John Stonestreet's Evil & Suffering?

The intensity of the classes can surprise you; eight hours a day of this huge amount of information can make your head hurt. But never have I woken up in the morning (at 6:30am, no less!) & wanted to go back to sleep. I'm always so excited about the day ahead; I know it will be even more incredible than yesterday. It's hard to pick a favorite day, favorite speaker, or favorite session. They all speak differently to every person around you; it's amazing to think that you're not having this experience by yourself…you're having it alongside 250 students & countless counselors.

I don't think any day was more powerful than last Friday, when we talked about Biblical marriage, relationships, & femininity. To learn how to be influential yet modest, empowered yet humble, & how to overall to fulfill God's design for you as a woman was truly life-changing for me. Not only are we learning how to impact our world here at Summit, we're learning to impact our friends & our families…the people around us who make up our very lives.

No matter how many words I could write to you, I could never pour out all that I have learned (just in the first week!) at Summit. I couldn't tell you how many times I've reached frantically for more note paper (call me a nerd, but these notes are actually fun to write & look over!), or how impressed I was with not only the ideas of the speakers but the actual lives that they have lived. Who could be more qualified to talk about homosexuality than a man who was gay for twelve years? Who can talk about Mormons better than someone who grew up as one? As I write this, I'm worried that I won't get my point across, so here it is: Summit is incredible. We're learning how to see our culture - the world I am living in now - through the eyes of Christ. We're learning how to understand it, how to engage it, & how to change it. & nothing gets better than that!

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