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July 16, 2007

Session 1 | Day 8 - Summit Activities

Summit has been a blast and we still have four days left! Not only have I been learning a ton in the classroom I have been able to enrich the Summit experience with all the extra activities. Every day from 2:00 pm to 5:15 pm we have free time, which is like recess for teenagers. The first two days we played games that really got the whole camp involved, and I was able to meet and hang out with lots of people here at Summit. In the later part of the week we were able to slow down a little bit and pick our own activities more. Many people have taken to playing sand volleyball; so much in fact that a tournament has been created so that healthy competition can test the talents of Summit's most athletic and dedicated.

On Saturday many of the campers went to downtown Chattanooga to witness to others and tell them about the love our Lord Jesus Christ. Personally I had some very interesting conversations with the people in Chattanooga and got real life examples of the Postmodernists, Secular Humanists, and Pseudo–Christian religious Worldviews that we have learned about in the classroom. Later that night we had a talent show which consisted of some impressive skill, gifted musicians, and some funny skits.

One more major activity that I feel needs to be included here is our Small Groups. From around 10:00– 11:00pm all the students here at Summit meet in discussion groups of about 8 or 9 campers and a staff member in order to discuss the material they learned that day. The best part about small group is the discussion time with other campers. This time is the best time that we have to really digest the enormous amount of information that we are presented with everyday. Another great aspect of Small Groups is the fellowship and prayer time. During this time we can really spend time to invest in each other's lives. Learning from each other's differing backgrounds and praying together has enriched my Summit experience more than any other activity outside the classroom.

Overall Summit has been going great and we have had Tons of fun (even when we weren't in the classroom).

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