About Summit Ministries


The best selections of worldview-oriented books, videos, and cassettes, covering such topics as apologetics, Darwinism, Relativism, Pluralism, Skepticism, and many others.


Summit uses a variety of conferences to train Christians to analyze alternative worldviews and equip them to defend the Christian faith.

Student Conferences

These are intensive two-week educational conferences (for high school and college students) that analyze the major worldviews of our day, contrasting them with the Christian worldview.

Adult Conferences

These are concentrated one-week educational conferences (for pastors, educators, and parents) that analyze the major worldviews or our day, contrasting them with the Christian worldview.

Worldview Workshops

These focused seminars are presented by Summit’s respected faculty and tailored for the needs of your school, church, or organization.

International Conferences

These are worldview conferences in Canada and Australia (for pastors, educators, parents, and students) that analyze the major issues of our day, contrasting them with the Christian worldview.


Through our institutes, Summit prepares select students to become tomorrow’s most influential leaders and strategically effect change for Christ.

Summit Semester

This program offers select college-bound students concentrated study in Christian thought and the history of ideas as a foundation for influential leadership.

Summit Oxford

This program combines study at one of the world’s leading universities and intensive worldview training to propel students forward as scholars and leaders.


Summit offers a wide range of curriculum to supply well-designed instructional programs that address issues faced by today’s Christians.

Building on the Rock Elementary School Curriculum

Building on the Rock is a 6-year integrated worldview and Bible survey curriculum for 1st through 6th grades. Through these classes, students will learn the truths of the Bible stories and how to interpret and apply them within the framework of a clearly understood biblical worldview.

Lightbearers Middle School Curriculum

Lightbearers is a one- or two-semester introductory worldview curriculum for 8th grade. Through this class, students will learn the Christian worldview and how that worldview compares with the competing humanistic worldview or our day.

Understanding the Times High School Curriculum

Understanding the Times is a one- or two-semester worldview and apologetics for 12th grade. Through this class, students will learn to disarm the competing worldviews of our day as well as how to promote and defend the Christian worldview.

Worldviews in Focus Sunday School Curriculum

Worldviews in Focus is a series of worldview-based studies for Sunday School (or homeschool) that addresses the different ideas shaping our current culture.


Summit employs a variety of additional resources to aid Christians in developing their worldview and analyzing the alternatives.

Summit Lecture Series

Audio and video lectures given by Summit’s world-renowned speakers.

The Journal

Edited by worldview expert Dr. David Nobel, this monthly publication highlights some of the more important cultural events and news from around the world.


Written by some of today’s leading Christian experts, these thought-provoking essays will help you to understand and intelligently engage with prominent worldview issues.

Truth & Consequences

This monthly article, written and edited by the Summit staff, brings substantive worldview reflections right to your email inbox.

The Christian Worldview Radio Show

Hosted by author and Summit guest speaker David Wheaton, this nationally-syndicated weekly radio program focuses on current events, culture, and faith.

Fact Sheets

Some key quotes and references from both Christian and secular sources on a variety of worldview topics to get your started on your studies.

Worldview Chart

An outlined comparison of the six major Western worldviews (Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Secular Humanism, New Age, and Postmodernism) along ten disciplines.

Worldview Dictionary

As you study worldviews you will encounter many words that are new. Use this dictionary as a glossary of terms to aid you in your studies.


Composed by Summit alumni and staff, Summit hosts a number of regular web logs to keep users informed and thinking.

The President’s Desk

Written by Dr. David Noebel, these periodic articles are clear and concise reflections upon a host of current “hot-button” issues.

The View from Here

Written by John Stonestreet, these insightful and thought-provoking entries cover a wide range of cultural and worldview related issues.