About Summit Ministries

An alarming number of Christians stumble while in college and around half will renounce their faith because they simply do not have a defense for what they believe. David Noebel, founder and former president of Summit Ministries, almost joined those statistics while he was a philosophy student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Dr. Noebel founded the Summit in 1962 to help ground Christians in their faith, thereby enabling them to face the barrage of challenges whirling about on college campuses.

From 1962 until 1988, what was a small series of camp-style conferences, hosting an average of 350 students each year, blossomed in 1989. After sending his own son Ryan through our program, Dr. James Dobson featured Summit on the Focus on the Family radio program. Currently, Summit hosts nine two-week Student Worldview Conferences every summer, along with a program at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee (started in 1999). Currently about 1,500 students graduate from the Summit each year.

The home of Summit Ministries is a turn-of-the-century hotel (formerly known as The Grandview), luxurious by early 20th century standards. Around this hotel, Summit has built its home in a complex of buildings dubbed the Summit Village. This, our home base, is located in Manitou Springs, CO at the foot of Pike’s Peak. Currently, Summit’s conferences have expanded to offer Adult Worldview Conferences for parents, pastors, and educators.

In addition, Summit has been blessed with a number of International Worldview Conferences scattered throughout the world (e.g. Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand). Summit also now offers two different semester-long Institutes: for college-bound students Summit Semester, and Summit Oxford for a study-abroad program.

In 1991, the curriculum department of Summit launched a year-long program for Christian High School seniors with the same basic goals—to teach Christians how to analyze competing worldviews and to defend their faith. Each year 3,500 high school seniors graduate from this program. Our curriculum department now also offers worldview curriculum materials for Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, and Sunday Schools.

Today, with its world-renowned Faculty and under the direction of President Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit is viewed as one of the foremost leaders in training Christians in apologetics, worldview analysis, and social engagement. Summit provides a number of helpful resources including Books, Videos, a monthly Journal, original Articles, streaming Lectures, Essays, Book Reviews, Fact Sheets, a comparative Worldview Chart, Worldview Dictionary, Links to other like-minded websites, Blogs, and a number of other Resources.