About Summit Ministries
Dr. James C. Dobson

Dr. James C. Dobson, Family Talk

"I consider Summit Ministries to be one of the very best resources available, and I don't say that lightly."

In their book, Children at Risk, Dr. Dobson and Gary Bauer write, "One of the best programs for teaching the concepts I've described [in Children at Risk] is called Summit Ministries...[Summit's two-week summer conferences are] designed to prepare 15 to 25 year-old students to deal with the secular humanism they will certainly encounter in high school or college. [It] "pops open" the eyes of teenagers and young adults. They suddenly understand the civil war we have described and what it means to them personally…. Our son, Ryan, has attended the past three summers. He recommends it, too." (p. 268)

Mr. Josh  McDowell

Mr. Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministry

"My own son was one of those who came face to face with a biblical worldview at The Summit. It was by far one of the most significant conferences he has ever attended. The impact will affect Sean the rest of his life."

"I consider Summit Ministries to be the premier organization for training Christians to think in terms of a total world and life view."

Mr. Chuck  Colson

Mr. Chuck Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries

In their 1999 release, How Now Shall We Live, Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcy write that "local churches need to encourage youth group leaders to go beyond volleyball and pizza parties and begin to teach apologetics and worldview issues. Summit Ministries in Colorado is pointing the way. Perched high in the Rocky Mountains, every summer Summit packs in high school students who want to learn how to defend their faith against the ideological trends of the day. Founder David Noebel has developed a curriculum that gives Christian kids a crash course in apologetics, teaching them how to deal with the intellectual challenges they face in high school and college. They learn how to analyze and critique the New Age movement, humanism, Marxism, feminism, evolutionism, and whatever other 'ism' happens to be gaining a foothold in contemporary American culture. Churches and Christian schools ought to take a page from Summit's book (or use Summit's own book, Understanding the Times) and begin preparing young people to face an increasingly hostile culture." (p. 339)