Summit Worldview Kit


Prepare for the challenges to Christianity they will face as they transition to college

You know that Satan wants to pull students away from their walk with Christ, and most universities are hostile to Christianity. Many professors even have an agenda to “convert” as many students as possible away from any remnants of Christian belief.

And studies show that 70% of students leave Christian faith during college.

One important way to prepare students is to teach them about worldviews and tough questions they will confront, and to prepare them with arguments that refute the lies.

Summit provides worldview training from top experts, apologists, and leaders – worldview training that you can pass on to your students.

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  • The Battle of Worldviews Ebook
  • The 4 questions that destroy a kid’s faith e-magazine featuring Sean McDowell, John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle
  • “The Case for Truth” by J. Warner Wallace

Let us walk with you as you journey through the battlefield of ideas.