Through It All

Dr. Jeff Myers is a teacher who truly cares about his students. I remember that during his first day at Summit Semester, he made sure that he knew my name and understood what questions I had tried to ask. When I didn’t understand something, there was no shame in asking him to clarify. I understood that Dr. Jeff is a man who wanted me to grow and learn about the things he taught.

First, Dr. Jeff taught about leadership. This involved a lot of discussions, but it also taught me how to be a successful leader. The first thing a good leader does is listen. When I listen, people feel more respected, allowing me to come to a more concrete decision about how to act. The second step is to ask a powerful question. Instead of asking easy questions, ask, “where do you want to be?” Finally, help people to set a worthy goal. A reachable goal can help produce a better ending to their story.

Dr. Jeff also taught us about the way stories work. Stories flow in three acts that apply to all of humanity. In Act 1, I learned that the world is one of peace and tranquility. Everything is wonderful, and there is no reason to feel sad or alarmed. Then Act 2 sweeps in. In Act 2, the world of peace and tranquility is destroyed, and the characters cannot foresee any hope for restoration. However, the only way out is to go through the pain of this new revelation. In Act 3, the world is healed in a way the characters never thought imaginable. Because they faced their fears, they are healed.

I explained all of that to show how simple it is to study under Dr. Jeff Myers. His teaching has allowed me to be the best version of “Eden“that I thought possible. I feel more willing to put things into practice: I know my story has a purpose, but I need to face my fears. I know that even in the dark times, I can look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, because “the path to healing isn’t around the pain but through it.“ I have gone through many things, but Dr. Jeff Myers proves that healing comes through the pain, and I need to face my fears head-on.

Eden Elaine Tague is a high school graduate. She has an associate’s degree in psychology from Liberty University, and after Summit Semester, she will complete her degree at Liberty B.S. to become a certified child life specialist. Her passions include children, singing, and crafting.