The Impact of Logic

Mr. Jay Watts, a theologian, and a realist, taught how Christianity could surpass blind faith through logic. During his time at Semester, I learned what logic is and how to use it to form the basis of belief in Christianity. The universe has an origin, meaning an agent wanted to make it. This leads to a partial explanation of the character of God as a Creator. This was especially impactful because I had never been taught about the creation of the universe without being told to have faith blindly.

We learned other possibilities, like deism and determinism, that could account for a Creator, but neither of these stood after examining the first 3 chapters of Genesis. The entirety of creation demonstrates the existence of higher powers. This is true in that everything that exists must have a cause, in the same way, that someone had to cause the first domino fall.

Watts also taught us how to use logic in the argumentative sense, to take a step back, and to find grounds to support different ideas. This is something that I will use throughout the rest of my life. I enjoyed everything he taught on this subject, but my biggest highlight would likely be the logic puzzle.

Which is the right answer?

  1. All of the below.
  2. All of the above.
  3. None of the below.
  4. One of the above.
  5. None of the above.

(The right answer is 5!)

Through deductive reasoning, we can get to an accurate conclusion.

Additionally, Watts’s explanation of the historical context of the Bible reinvigorated my faith in the Bible’s accuracy. For example, Rome stood to gain from Jesus’ teachings because Jesus told his followers to do what Rome commanded. We must also ask ourselves, “Why would his disciples die for him?” The security I feel in my faith after hearing Jay Watts talk is unparalleled at any other time in my life. I have answers to questions that I haven’t even asked yet. Even now, as I’m writing this, I am thinking of more questions, and I can use logic and my reason to discern an answer. This is security I’ve never dreamed of.

Although he was a little unorthodox, Jay Watts was an enlightening speaker. He was great at using personal experiences and stories to keep us interested and attentive. This was only the second week of Summit Semester, and I’m eager for the other epiphanies and revelations I will have. Jay Watts set a high bar and planted a seed of reasoning.

Tomas McNeill is from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He had previously heard about Summit Ministries, but after meeting a student from a prior class, he quickly realized that he wanted to be a part of Summit Semester so that he could be challenged. He is uncertain about what the future holds, but he has been laying his future at the Lord’s feet so he can go where God wants him. Because of this, Tomas is most excited to learn more about his purpose while here at Semester so that he can live for God as a bondservant.