“The Impact of History”

Recently at Semester I was blessed with the privilege of exploring the history of Christian thought in a rich, deep, and multi-faceted journey taught by Dr. Spanjer. This experience was extremely educational and intriguing, and it was taught in a way that was both deep and accessible.

I am interested in the Reformation and the beginning stages of the church’s foundation. This is largely due to the role these eras serve in explaining current views, habits, and doctrines of the modern-day church. However, Dr. Spanjer truly illuminated the real essence of these periods, delving into why it is so important for everyone to understand the nuances in the history of Christian thought. I personally could not help but feel a deep sense of awe and amazement upon seeing the intricate connections between the universal church of today and the crucially intentional navigation of our church’s spiritual forefathers. I saw the tenacious efforts of Martin Luther’s 95 theses in his strive for a powerful and meaningful reformation and the navigational trailblazing of the Enlightenment philosophers who helped mold the modern beliefs and thought patterns of the church. Through this, it is evident that God’s sovereign hand was at work in the evolution of His people’s congregation.

In its entirety, Dr. Spanjer’s class was an extremely humbling reminder of God’s sovereign hand guiding the pen across the narrative of history. In addition, Dr. Spanjer intentionally made himself available for discussions regarding either topical or personal matters. He showed a great interest in the lives and concerns of the students, and he actively engaged with the community in a way that strove to balance truth and love in the journey of better knowing our Lord and Creator.

I would not trade my experiences with Dr. Spanjer’s class for anything! I can confidently say I am more grateful for the history of Christian thought because of Dr. Spanjer… and by God’s grace, a little wiser too!

Cassidy Bronson is a 2022 high school graduate from central Texas, and she now lives in the mountain-laden cultural gem of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She loves talking with friends, working out, making and listening to music, writing, and hanging out with her dog. Cassidy came to Summit Semester to bolster her faith in Christ and to ignite a depth in her personal understanding of God and Christian community. She is taking a gap year before she attends college, and she is interested in pursuing writing and sports training in addition to exploring truth and goodness with fellow believers.