Dr. Spanjer and I have known each other since I was in high school, where he was my history teacher. He brings the story of history to life, and he brings so much energy to every lecture. He desires to inspire youth to learn about what makes the world around us the way it is. He delves into so much, and yet he makes it seem as though he should have more to say. He ended a lecture once, and it was astounding how much material was in a span of two hours.

There were days when I was exhausted, but while he was speaking, I forgot that I was tired. Dr. Spanjer got people excited to learn and participate in his lectures. He helped us learn about our past as humans and Christians. He keeps the audience’s attention and always has a perfectly-timed joke. His enthusiasm can do nothing but inspire interest in what he talks about. His energy and willingness to answer the irrelevant questions were something I also appreciated. Even though some of our questions were not on topic, he took the time to engage us, and I valued that.

In my time, history is not taken as seriously as it should be. People have so much they can learn about why the world works–or, in some cases, does not work. Spanjer is not afraid to call out notable people in history or to back down from heavy subjects in history. When people engage with Dan Spanjer, I know they will come to appreciate the enthusiasm and energy that makes Spanjer one of the best teachers of history that I know.

Overall, Spanjer opened my mind to the history of Christianity’s change throughout time.

Alex Petry is a CCE school graduate from Pennsylvania. He enjoys writing, reading, and hanging out with friends. He came to Summit Semester to learn more about the God he serves, and he plans to be a lawyer in New York City in the future.