Reflections on Small Groups

Throughout my time at Summit Semester, small groups have significantly impacted my lens of community. Every week I would meet with my small group leader, Sedona, along with the girls in my group, Lilli, Grace, Pari, and Cassidy. The environment of small groups is a small depiction of what the Body of Christ should look like. I could be completely open and vulnerable with this group of girls, and throughout every conversation, I felt heard, loved, and encouraged through my struggles. This was a stark contrast to my life before Semester.

Throughout high school, I was surrounded by a group of girls I trusted and loved. I would be completely open to them, yet I came out broken and hurt at the end of my friendship with these girls. I thought this was just how life was regarding friendships, but Semester has proven me wrong. I have learned a very important lesson regarding operating and living in fruitful relationships. There is, within the Body of Christ, a place where we can feel loved and encouraged. Where we can share our struggles with sin and hardships. I always thought it was the ideal situation, but the likelihood of it happening to me was out of my grasp. Along with small groups, there’s an even more intimate aspect of community here that I have been so impacted by: having one-on-one with my small group leader. This was one of the first times in my life when I had a true mentor walking and leading me through this period of life.

Life at Summit Semester is a lot to take in all at once.

It sometimes seems impossible to process everything that happens truly. Sedona gives me an ear to hear and helps me process all the beautiful and challenging moments, allowing me to grow more. As Semester is sadly coming to a close, I can perceive how much my time with my small group has impacted me. I have learned how to live and love others in my small group and can implement these ways of life at home, building a solid community.

Sarah Lewis is from Texas. She is extremely excited to be at Summit Semester strengthening her worldview, hiking, and being surrounded by a Christian community. She is excited to gain a different outlook on the future during her time at Summit Semester. Sarah loves playing any kind of sport and spending time with her siblings.