Beauty will Save the World

“Beauty will save the world” This quote was spoken by Dr. Paul Gould when discussing beauty, art, and apologetics. I found this statement to be profound because I love the idea of beauty and how it is incorporated and shared through art. This lesson from Dr. Gould was one of my favorites as we dove into what beauty and art are and how they can be used in apologetics. 

Art is a demonstration of beauty. It shows us what beauty actually is, and it allows us to understand truth. This should be, as it was for me, an encouragement to be creative. Creativity comes from your imagination. The ability to imagine and create is not only a gift from God, but it is also a reflection of the Imago Dei. Art is a central point in everyone’s lives. It surrounds us in our everyday life in pictures, clothes, paintings, and even people. The beauty of art is that you do not have to be an artist. You can still appreciate art in many forms. Art reaches everybody and provides a glimpse of God’s goodness and love. Through art and creativity, what we create is not just a beautiful project: it is a representation of God. We reflect the Imago Dei through our art and our appreciation for art. By creating, we are bringing a sense of wonder. If we can bring this wonder back into the church, it would be a beautiful thing. This sense and ideal of art and beauty shaped the way I perceive many things. From construction to art galleries, these creations are artistic and beautiful. Most importantly, they point to God because he created us to be creative.

He created me to be creative. We are called to share with the world the glory and goodness of God in the form of art while providing the world with a glimpse into truth. I love this thought that everywhere I go, I see things created by people and the inner reflection of what God designed us to do. From the age of six to eighteen, I was a dancer, and it took up so much time out of my everyday life. Dance provided me with an opportunity to be creative and to share art. Dance was my escape into something greater, and at the time, I did not realize the full extent of that. I always loved dancing, and I can have a different appreciation for it now. My dance and watching dance is another way of glimpsing into what is real and beautiful. Dance is a way of sharing truth with the world. This truth is telling an important message, that we are creatures made by a loving Creator. 

Art has been such a central point in my life. Looking at art, whether it was at dance or a painting from a gallery, has always struck me with a curious wonder. What makes art so beautiful? By learning about beauty and its connection to apologetics, I finally have my answer. Art is beautiful because it is a window to God. It is impactful because we participate in the process and it shows us what truly is.

Jessica McKnight is from Branson, Missouri. She graduated with her Associate’s in General Education this past May, and in the spring, she will be continuing her education by studying for a Bachelor’s in Psychology. A fun fact about her is that she used to teach hip hop, and she is excited to be at Summit Semester so that she can challenge herself while learning more about her faith.