Lecture: Dr. Michael Buratovich “The Foundations of Modern Science”

Summit Ministries

Wishing to address the notion that religion and science are like oil and water, Dr. Michael Buratovich of Spring Arbor University takes a look at the history of modern science and how it developed. Calling into question the motives of scientists who have propagated the “oil-and-water” idea, he asserts that science as we know it would not exist without the Christian worldview. He then jumps into a journey through the years of all the minds behind the concepts we follow today, including men like Roger Bacon, William of Occam, Francis Bacon, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, and Galileo Galilei, noting the frameworks within which they studied the world. He then describes how many aspects of Christianity and science are in “lock-step” with each other, with scientific practice being grounded in the ideological framework of Christianity. He proposes that this explains why science flourished in the Christian west and floundered in the pantheistic East and concludes by reminding students to consider a career in science in order to bring it back to its roots.