Eric Metaxas Kicks Off Adult Conference with Brilliant Address

On February 26, Summit Ministries kicked off the celebration of its 50th Anniversary by sharing our adult conference keynote speaker, Eric Metaxas, with Woodmen Valley Chapel and the Colorado Springs community.

We were told to anticipate around 800 people, so imagine our shock in pulling off of I-25 near the church – 30 minutes before the event – and finding every parking lot packed, with lines of cars waiting to get in. Every nook and cranny of Woodmen’s Rockrimmon campus was packed – the sanctuary, every overflow room, and even improvised overflow rooms. One of the staff members told our development director Aaron Atwood, “We don’t have a single unoccupied chair left on this campus – not in an office, not anywhere!”

At a church campus that normally hosts about 1,200 people per service, 2,700 people crammed in to hear Eric’s hilarious, inspiring and prophetic message. Woodmen’s pastor Matt Heard said many gracious and kind things about the ministry of Summit, and the Woodmen event staff did a fantastic job adjusting quickly to the overflow crowd. We’re grateful to Eric, to Woodmen, to our founder David Noebel for his vision for this ministry, and to all of our friends who are passionate about engaging the culture with the truth of the gospel.