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Summit Ministries dedicates ministry efforts to equipping and educating students and adults to love the Gospel and live for Truth. 

Because of Summit, generations of American Christians will be able to meaningfully influence culture by:

  • Understanding the Bible and applying it, personally and in their vocations
  • Refuting false worldviews
  • Promoting the value of life
  • Embracing a biblical view of family and sexuality
  • Respecting America’s heritage
  • Championing economic freedom

When your friends need answers to life’s big questions…

Join Summit Ministries’ Dr. Jeff Myers—with renowned Bible teachers Del Tackett, Sean McDowell, John Stonestreet, Virginia Prodan, Glenn Packiam, Alan Shlemon, and many others—on a fascinating journey exploring today’s worldviews and what they say about life’s biggest questions.  

Based on Summit Ministries’ 55 years of research and experience with tens of thousands of Christians on the topic of shaping a Biblical worldview, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God will help you, your family, and your church overcome dangerous worldviews and stand firm with a solid Biblical foundation.

Resources to Equip Your Youth Leaders and Parents of Students

Students are victims in a battle of ideas. These ideas lead to actions and decisions and determine a student’s understanding of life’s meaning. Ideas guide them to live and think about the world in a specific way.
We have compiled a resource for youth leaders, based on The Secret Battle of Ideas about God by Summit’s President, Dr. Jeff Myers. This guide will help youth leaders combat questions students ask that, if they aren’t answered with biblical truth, will lead to false ideas about who they are in Christ.

What if more students had a stronger answer to the “WHY” behind their faith?

Every day, we are influenced by music, podcasts, books, and movies and then we wonder…

  • Why is it hard for Christians to discover biblical truth and know how to live it out?
  • Why is it hard to engage in conversations with friends about doubts and questions about faith?
Summit speakers and topics tackle biblical worldview and dive into hard questions about religious freedom, science, economics, and worldviews that creep into the minds and hearts of Christians.
Each summer Summit teaches students how their worldview reveals their faith and the depth of their Christianity by covering over 30 topics. We can’t expect students to stand strong in their faith and have intelligent conversations when they themselves don’t feel confident in their knowledge about the hard issues they are facing.

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