Who Made God?

Who Made God?

Who Made God?In this video, Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses a frequently raised objection to theism: if God made the universe, who made God? Whether it’s from an innocent child or a snide secularist who thinks he’s just debunked Christianity, this question can help us understand more about who God is.

Wallace points out that this question becomes incoherent when you understand that God is uncreated. “Who made God?” God wasn’t made. He just is.

Furthermore, Wallace points out how his former self, who was rooted in atheism, also believed in an uncreated creator, even if it wasn’t God. It’s important to remember that all worldviews have to make sense of the  existence of the universe, not just Christians.

This point applies to other questions as well. Take the problem of evil. Many ask why a good God allows so much suffering, but few ask why suffering would even be bad if the material world is all that exists. There would be no such thing as “good” or “bad” in such a case, because good and bad are not physical things.

This should encourage us to take, at a minimum, a three step approach to these important worldview questions. First, how does the Christian worldview handle this question? Second, how do other worldviews handle this question? Third, do any of the other worldviews offer a more satisfying answer than Christianity?

Unless another worldview offers a more comprehensive and well-established perspective than Christianity on the whole, we should not consider abandoning our faith, even if we don’t know how to answer every question.

Thankfully, many questions can be answered, as Detective Wallace winsomely demonstrates here.

Wallace says:

“Everyone believes there’s an uncreated creator. The only real question is whether that uncreated creator is personal or impersonal.”

Watch the video on Wallace’s website: Who Created God? (video)