The Justice Declaration: What I Sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Today I join many faith leaders in signing The Justice Declaration. Our increasingly secular federal and state governments have strayed far from the kind of justice our founders envisioned. It’s time for Christians to take the lead.

My interest in justice reform grew out of writing the Summit Worldview Library, a 1,800-page trilogy exploring the roots of a Christian worldview, how a Christian worldview definitively answers its critics, and how a Christian worldview solves society’s most pressing problems. More than 50 leading experts helped ensure that the work was interesting to read, factually-accurate, biblically-faithful, and reflective of traditional values.

I signed The Justice Declaration because of what I discovered in writing a chapter on justice for the third book in the trilogy, Understanding the Culture. In this chapter, I expose leftist-inspired “social justice” rhetoric and show how Christians can promote practical steps to lower crime, inspire peaceful communities, and restore justice to our land.

Recently I sent a copy of Understanding the Culture to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I bookmarked the justice chapter and encouraged him to take biblical principles seriously in reforming the justice system. If you’d like to read the chapter for yourself, you can download it here at no charge.

Standing with you,


Jeff Myers, Ph.D.