John Stonestreet on U.S. Soccer Boycott

U.S. Soccer Boycott

Over at BreakPoint our friend and Summit faculty member, John Stonestreet, weighed in today on a controversy surrounding Jaelene Hinkle, a Christian soccer player who decided not to participate in an event last year in which the U.S. national team wore rainbow gay-pride jerseys. This year Hinkle has come back to the team, and LGBT activists are calling on fans to boycott U.S. matches for promoting homophobia.

As Christians, we must understand that our culture is not interested in listening to our views on many cultural issues. Jaelene Hinkle was not rude to anyone; she simply decided not to support a position she doesn’t affirm, and now her livelihood is at stake and her team is being ostracized. Disagreement has become grounds for boycott, ironically, in a culture that’s adamant about tolerating people who have different beliefs and lifestyles.

In our culture, tolerance has come to mean that we must endorse the actions and beliefs of others. We must learn how to engage culture respectfully and winsomely without compromising our own beliefs, thus showing a more true definition of tolerance that is healthier for society and more realistic in a world of conflicting viewpoints.

John writes:

“So once again, religious convictions are being labeled hate, and those who hold them are being forced off the field of play—no matter the arena, so to speak.

My reaction? Let’s support Jaelene Hinkle and U. S. Soccer. Cheer for American athletes, no matter their religion, sex, gender, or otherwise.”