Be’18, Bringing It Home

Summit’s Be ’18 Conference is designed to encourage and equip generations of believers to live a life of faithfulness with enduring steadfastness, for the glory of God.

This conference aims to equip adults from national speakers, grandparents, accountants, farmers, pastors, to a mother, father, son, or daughter to live out a biblical worldview. We want each individual to walk away with information that will inspire action, and offer practical tools to live out a seamless life of faith.

The conference will take place on the evening of Thursday, March 1 and wrap up midday on Sunday; offering attendees 13 hours of lecture content and additional Q&A time with various speakers.

The Be ’18 Conference focuses on embodying the Christian Worldview, with an emphasis on practical implementation.

We discuss how to have winsome conversations that facilitate worldview-thinking, and how to build community that is meaningful and edifying.

 We will dive into demystifying the concept of “mentorship” and how the mentorship lifestyle applies to our daily lives. Each morning we establish our foundation by looking at the biblical story — our story — within the framework of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. 

The Be ’18 Conference examines how the Christian Worldview flourishes in community and how this community can happen in different contexts: the local church, daily life, conversations with those you don’t agree with, through technology, and in your home through hospitality.

What is the Be Conference and what does it mean? 

At Summit, we focus on being fully present, living right now for the glory of God in whatever station of life He has us. 

• What does it look like to be engaged in your culture, neighborhood, family, and church right now?

• What does it look like to be aware of cultural trends and be equipped to think well about those trends? 

We hope to answer those question and others like it during the Be Conference. Our thoughts become our worldview and our worldview becomes our behavior.