Give Your Family the Summit Worldview Library

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Give Your Family the Summit Worldview Library — 
the World’s Only Biblical Worldview Reference Set

Now you and your family can understand the challenging issues of today based on God’s Word. Religious liberty, abortion, LGBT, radical terrorism, healthcare, creation care, and so much more. You’ll know what the Biblical standard is, how to defend it, and how to engage it in your everyday life.

“The Summit Worldview Library needs to be the core in every high school, college, and seminary today.”
—Del Tackett“This series should have a place in every Christian’s home library.”
—John Stonestreet, Colson Center president
  • Relevant: Understand how your family can respond to the issues confronting Christians in today’s headlines
  • Comprehensive: 1500+ pages of Christian and comparative worldview content
  • Easy-to-use: Over 300 worldview topics defined and 2000 indexed for quick access.


The Summit Worldview Library can be purchased in the Summit Bookstore for only $79.95.