Tuition & College Credit


The cost for this 12-week program is $11,495.  This covers all classes, food, and lodging. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance to secure a spot and will be applied to the total balance.  This total cost does not include the fee for college credit (see below).


Financial assistance is available. Please note: Due to IRS regulations and institutional eligibility requirements, Summit Semester is not able to provide 1098-T Tuition Statements for any tuition or fees paid.


Additional expenses include the $30 non-refundable application fee, travel to and from Snow Wolf Lodge, and incidentals ($300 is plenty if used wisely, and usually this will allow for a ski trip at the end of the semester). Please complete the Summit Semester Application to begin the application process. Once we receive the application we will be in communication for the remainder of the process.

College Credit

Summit Semester is pleased to offer students credits through Bryan College. Students have the option of receiving college credit for the work they do at Summit Semester. The cost is $350/course and is in addition to the tuition. Bryan College will award three-hours of college credit for each of the courses below.

History of Christian Thought
CT 110: History of Christian Thought (3 credit hours) 
In this course, we wrestle through the most significant theological debates as they arose in the Church. In the process, we study Church history from its Jewish backgrounds through the Reformation.

Christianity and Politics
PSGS 110: Politics & Religion (3 credit hours)
This course surveys the prominent political systems from utilitarian to liberal, pragmatic to conservative. After surveying the political landscape the emphasis will be placed on forming Christ-centered approaches to current social issues including poverty and welfare systems, abortion, terrorism, gun control and education. We also study the thought of the finest Christian political theorists of the past.

English Literature

ENG 115: Introduction to the Western Literary Canon (3 credit hours)

This course is the platform for answering the deepest and most important questions about life, death, love and the human being. To aid us in our quest for truth we read and discuss some of the great stories, poems, and essays of the English language starting with Beowulf and Sir Gawain, then to others including works by Chaucer, Sidney, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, Wordsworth, Eliot, and the Inklings.

BIB 115: Biblical Foundations (3 credit hours) 
No other book in human history has been more influential in determining the direction of persons and cultures than the Christian Bible. What is this book and why is it so significant? This course will explore the Bible, and its role in shaping a particularly Christian worldview by examining concepts of authority and revelation, the Bible as revelation, the metanarrative or the “Big Story” that the Bible provides of life and the world, the flow and the general content of the Bible, the Biblical foundations of the various disciplines, and principles for Bible study and application.