Does God Even Care?

Challenges to your faith are inevitable this summer.

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted every aspect of our lives. We are facing a pandemic greater than the coronavirus. What questions are you asking when it comes to your faith? If you are asking these questions, “Is God really good?” “Does God even care?” you are not alone.

You deserve real answers to your questions.

Don’t settle for shallow answers that the world offers. The Bible offers deep, satisfying answers and will protect you from believing bad ideas that infect your faith like a virus. The vaccine for these viruses is truth. (John 14:6)

The world we live in is broken. Having a relationship with Christ is the only way to bring healing to the brokenness you feel and see all around you. Let Summit help you apply truth to your questions this summer!

Build Your Immunity to Bad Ideas

Summit Ministries has a rich legacy of equipping high school and college students to embrace God’s truth and lead with courage. To help students, like you, this summer, we’re launching Summit Virtual, a global platform that brings young adults together with top Christian experts and best-selling authors in a live, “gamified” setting designed to be fun and personally challenging for young adults ages 16-to-25. Participants can earn up to three college credits free for the cost of enrollment and qualify for college scholarships.

Summit Virtual will be held May 25–29, June 8–12, June 22–26 and July 6–10. Learn more and explore speakers, schedules, pricing, and information on COVID-19 tuition assistance for first responders, those who’ve lost jobs, and those whose source of primary income has suffered from the virus today.

Register for Summit Virtual this summer and build your immunity to bad ideas.

May 25–29
June 8–12
June 22–26
July 6–10

“The times are too urgent to shrink back. In crafting this new experience our team has rejected the traditional webinar approach​ and designed a one-of-a-kind experience that meets students at their comfort level and helps answer their deep faith questions as they grow in confidence as young leaders.” – Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries