Georgia 2020 Announcement

Letter From Dr. Jeff Myers

Last week I sent you a good news email and video. Unfortunately, I hate that I’m having to send a very different type of message today. I’m sorry to say we have had to cancel Summit-Georgia this summer. You’ve probably already heard from our team, but I want to personally convey how difficult a decision this has been.

But here is some good news. I invite your student to transfer their registration from our canceled session in Georgia to one of our remaining Summit Virtual sessions.

Summit Virtual is our 5-day, live, online, interactive experience that students tell us they love. Summit Virtual equips students ages 16-to-25 to have a strong faith in a culture that wants to silence and shame Christians.

Summit Virtual helps students develop a confident, fact-based biblical worldview through instruction and personal dialogue with top Christian experts and best-selling authors. It continuously engages students through high production quality, hosts who are funny and entertaining, and speakers who personally interact with students.

Ordinarily, the cost of Summit Virtual is $497, but I would like to offer it to your family for $195–the cost of the deposit you paid for Summit-Georgia. This includes up to three college credits for free, which ordinarily cost $1,875.

And because I am looking forward to Summit-Georgia in 2021, Summit Virtual transfers will also receive a $200 credit toward next year’s Student Conference on Lookout Mountain.

So hopefully I’ll meet your student on-line this summer and in-person next summer, to be equipped to embrace God’s truth and stand strong in a culture of confusion and intimidation.

Let us know that you want to make the switch to Summit Virtual.

  • Email us
  • Chat with us in the registration system
  • Call us (719) 685-9103​

Once you make the switch, you’ll be registered for our Virtual session at the discounted rate of $195! Of course, if you’ve paid more than $195 you will receive a refund for the remaining balance on your account. It’s our way of saying thank you for giving us the chance to equip your student to stand for Christ in today’s world.

Don’t shrink back – press on!

Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President

Summit Ministries