B4worldview Course

To get the most out of your Summit Summer experience, all Summit Summer conference students are encouraged to complete the b4worldview online training course before they come to their Summer conference.  This course prepares the student and helps Summit prepare for the students.

Summit has partnered with b4worldview to help you, the student, get the most out of the Student Conference experience.

B4worldview is a course designed to help you explore your functional worldview for what it truly is and help you compare and contrast it with an accurate and robust Christian worldview.

  • Assess your core assumptions about how and why you think, act, and feel
  • Think more deeply about the foundations of the worldview you actually live by
  • Better prepares you to participate in the discussions and activities with your friends during your two-week session at Summit

Upon completion of the course, b4worldview shares general data with Summit staff. This data allows us to assess and tailor our content to engage and equip you during your two-week experience with Summit.

Here is what one Summit student says about the b4worldview course:

“It helped me to start to realize that maybe the way I think is influenced a lot more by my culture, my family, and the people around me than I realized. That may be what I ‘know’ to be true is just an assumption from the way I was raised. I think it was a good intro to get my mind working in that direction to prepare for Summit.” Abigail, 2018 Summit student.

What you need to know about the b4worldview online training course

  • It will take a total of about 15 hours of your time.
    • It is divided into 10 different sessions of about 90 minutes each. It is suggested complete no more than 2 sessions per week.
    • The course will take you about 5 to 10 weeks to complete at this rate.
  • It is a discovery experience that will ask you over 150 different questions which you need to answer thoughtfully.
    • Since this course tailors itself to your personality and your own individual worldview, you need to answer all the questions as truthfully as you can if you want to get full value out of the experience.

What parents need to know about the b4worldview online training course

  • Summit has been using this b4worldview online course with Summit Semester students for that past two years
  • We are confident that your student will be better prepared to get the most out of their two weeks at Summit if they complete the b4worldview online prep-course prior to arriving 

COST: $100