Youth Leader Information

2018 CA, CO, TN, and PA Summit Student Conferences

Regular registration rate for 12-day : $1,645

Registration includes meals and housing during the 12-day conference for each student. Each registration includes a $195 non-refundable deposit (NRD) at time of online registration.

While registering each application is limited to 3 discount codes.

Tuition Assistance Available

After registering for a conference, tuition assistance applications are encouraged. Tuition assistance may be applied to the regular registration rate only. Funds are available on a first-applied, first-distributed basis and dollar amounts are limited. Application does not guarantee award assistance. Further details and the application process for tuition assistance may be found in the FAQ section of the Programs web pages. Church youth leader incentives are provided (see below section) and youth leaders may apply for tuition assistance for themselves. You may also call: 719-685-9103 for more information.

Church / Youth Leader Involvement

Adult leaders from church groups, home school groups or home school associations, private Christian or charter school leaders, youth leaders or youth pastors may take advantage of incentives designed to “reward” leaders for bringing groups of students to conferences. Adult church or school leaders will be provided with a Partner Kit upon arrival.

Discounts and/or incentives are only applied to adult leaders that desire to attend conference lectures/class room discussions lead by Summit faculty. This experience will allow adult leaders to gain insight into the Summit program content, be exposed to Summit staff, tools, and resources, and be best positioned for “next steps” upon students’ return.  Youth leaders often inquire as to how to apply what was learned at Summit once students return to their home church or youth group. Summit can provide youth leaders with a follow-up kit to help plan with your student leaders as to potential follow-up steps (we desire to compliment your current youth strategy). At Summit, we want to help youth leaders to know what to expect after students experience biblical worldview training and curriculum through Summit Ministries.

As a courtesy to our Summit students, we ask/require that adults not mix with their students, as this may take away or distract from the Summit student environment or experiences. We ask that you sit in the back of the classroom during your stay with us for lectures, or downstairs in the lobby area / overflow seating. Examples of student only experiences may include but are not limited to (i.e., small groups, meal times, overflow student time with faculty, breaks, student free time, etc.). The appropriate time to connect with students from your group would be after you return to your home location.  This is to ensure the maximum experience for our students with no outside distractions. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Please contact the Summit Programs department for further guidelines and restrictions at 719-685-9103.

Church / Youth Leader Incentives: The following incentives are designed for adult leaders/youth pastors to attend a 12-day student conference as described above for paid student registrations within a Summit program calendar year:

  • A leader brings confirmed 8 to 10 students = 25% off adult registration for up to 1 adult leaders
  • A leader brings confirmed 11 to 12 students = 50% off adult registration for up to 2 adult leaders
  • A leader brings confirmed 13 to 15 students = 75% off adult registration for up to 2 adult leaders
  • A leader brings confirmed 16 to 18 students = 85% off adult registration for up to 3 adult leaders
  • A leader brings confirmed 19+ students = 85% off adult registration for up to 3 adult leaders AND free adult registration for 1 adult leader

(leader incentives listed above may not be combined with student registration promotion rates or scholarships, special conditions, exceptions or extensions. This incentive may be transferred to be used at another Summit conference registration location within the same calendar year. Church/Youth Leaders that take advantage of the above incentives, may also apply for tuition assistance. For more information please call Summit Programs and ask to speak with a PRS – Partner Relationship Specialist: 719-685-9103) or apply as directed in the tuition assistance area of the FAQ section.

Please note: availability for leaders to attend a full 12-day student conference as described above is based upon availability. A firm commitment can’t be provided until 30 days prior to the start of a student conference, as first priority is for filling the conference with students.  Especially for our Colorado location, there are a limited number of seats per session. Transportation and lodging are at your expense.  (i.e., youth leaders, assistant youth leaders, youth pastors, youth directors, etc.). We will provide meals as part of your registration rate. While we may have some cabins available on a first come, first served basis, this number is less than previous years as we have increased our staff size and have filled more cabins to accommodate our full-time staff. Also, we do share cabin availability with faculty and other department guests. We recommend that you investigate lodging at nearby hotels. Again, some on-campus lodging may be available contact us to find out!

Friends of Summit

Adults (youth pastors, youth leaders, youth directors, homeschool leaders, school administrators, community leaders, etc.) that have an interest in gaining a better understanding of what Summit offers, and may experience a single (1) day of a Summit Student conference from the back of a classroom (based upon availability) at no cost (limit 2 adult youth leaders per representing organization, as seating in the back of the classroom, is limited). Summit Ministries will provide you with a Friends of Summit Kit and will cover your meals, snacks, and refreshments for your one-day experience. There are limited numbers of these opportunities per each session, especially in Colorado, due to availability.

Transportation and lodging are at your expense. We recommend that you investigate lodging at nearby hotels. Some on campus lodging may be available (please check with the Programs Partner Relationship Specialist for availability and details by contacting us. We look forward to meeting with you! We want to introduce you to Summit and can provide you with a “seamless” experience for introducing your church, school, or club to Summit! Further details may be found in the FAQ section of the Programs web pages. You may also call: 719-685-9103

Transfer and Cancellation Exceptions

Confirmed and fully paid student registrations may be transferred to a different conference date and location within the same calendar year (based upon availability) for extenuating circumstances. Partially or fully paid regular registrations may not be refunded if canceled within 30 calendar days prior to the start of the originally registered student conference start date. Please contact a Summit Ministries’ Customer Care Specialist for additional information and potential processing. Further details may be found in the FAQ section of the Programs web pages. 

Summit Champion, Summit School Advisor, or Summit Presidential Scholarship Rate: may offer an additional $100 off the regular registration rate, per student. A Champion, Summit School Advisor (local or regional recruiting advocate for Summit), or the Summit President, must provide a special registration code to the registrant to apply and/or combine to the above-described registration rates during the time of original online registration. This additional scholarship rate must be applied to the regular registration rate from Jan. 1st, 2018 thru May 14th, 2018, no exceptions, special conditions, or extensions. This promotion is a special additional savings, that when combined with other promotional rates as described, could reduce the regular registration rate, per student by up to $350. A limited number of scholarships available.

Summit Rep Personal Scholarship Rate

Summit Reps that desire to attend a Summit Student Conference may discount their own registration based on the number of students that they personally recruit to attend a 2018 Student Conference (must be confirmed and paid registration(s) to qualify for below scholarship amounts). Scholarship amounts below may be combined with other promotion rates and combinations listed above (date restrictions still apply). The following tiered structure applies:

Number of Students Recruited & Confirmed Paid Registration: Summit Rep Own Discount Applied:
1 to 3 students $100
4 to 7 students $150
8 to 11 students $200
12+ students $250

Summit Program Offerings for Today

Summit FOUNDATIONS: is our core, two-week student conference experience, and is designed to help students (ages 16 – 25 years of age) strengthen their faith, understand their world, and be prepared to make a difference with their lives. Now based at four (4) convenient locations across the country, top Christian leaders and thinkers will train students in the classroom while our phenomenal staff team will walk alongside and personally mentor each student. You can attend a Summit Foundations Student Conference in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania or Tennessee. College credit is available (contact Summit Ministries and ask for Dustin for more details).

Summit Adult Conference: Be’18: is an amazing Summit experience for adults, scheduled for a Thursday thru Sunday format, and provides a generational mix of like-hearted and like-minded Christians that want to know more about opposing worldviews and gain insight and understanding into how a biblical worldview can be lived out today! Believe, Become and go Beyond! Join us at one of our Be’18 Conferences: at Colorado, March 1-4 at the Summit Grandview in Manitou Springs and at Pennsylvania, July 12-15 at LBC (Lancaster Bible College).

Summit SEMESTER: is a fall semester experience for college-bound students can experience a semester-long, biblical worldview community.  Students learn from top Christian scholars. Our environment nurtures spiritual formation and hones intellectual skills, while also helping students develop strong interpersonal relationships. Located near Pagosa Springs, Colorado, the Snow Wolf Lodge is in the remote mountain wilderness of the San Juan National Forest. Our goal is to prepare students for the challenges they will face in college while motivating them to be influential leaders, shaping their culture for the glory of God and the good of our society. College credit is available. (contact SM for more details).

Summit ADVANCE: is a unique mentoring and coaching opportunity for Summit faculty, community business executives and leaders, non-profit and ministry professionals, thought leaders and more. Designed as a “pay it forward” type of experience, we need leaders that desire to make a kingdom impact in the young leaders that serve at Summit. During our student conferences, our summer staff leads, loves, encourages and equips our students. We need your help to “fill their tanks” by imparting wisdom and real-world lessons into their lives. The commitment of time is minimal (one 30 to 45 minute group discussion per quarter), but the impact is huge. Topics vary and can be related to leadership, engaging worldviews, service, character lessons, discipleship, problem solving, management, culture, careers, entrepreneurship, family, and more! 

Summit Program Offerings for Tomorrow (2019+)

Summit NEXT: (Simulcast) for Summit Alumni (conference or curriculum) young adults, ages 19 – 29 years of age. Come back as Summit Alumni for a Thursday thru Sunday experience and get recharged! This is a great, on-going training game plan for Alumni that want to take advantage of strategic coaching in biblical worldview and apologetics! It’s like pulling into “pit row” and getting ready for more!

Summit BASECAMP: (Simulcast) for Youth Pastor/Youth Leaders. This is a unique Youth Pastor and Youth Leader experience that provides equipping, coaching and training in biblical worldview and apologetics. Summit provides tested resources, materials next steps for integrating Summit into your youth ministry strategy.

Summit ASCENT: is for Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders that are looking to engage with their high school student leadership team at Summit for worldview training, and then develop a game plan for taking the strategy back to your campus and community! Strong team building, character development, networking, small group prayer, planning and preparing for what God has for you and your team!

Summit APPROACH: is for middle school / junior high students (7th and 8th graders) that want to be proactive in preparing their hearts and minds.  It’s never too early to understand worldviews, to learn how to ask foundational faith questions, and engage in discussions from a biblical perspective. We want to help you start your faith journey from the right perspective. Junior high students, more than ever, need to be equipped to live their faith with boldness and conviction. This is a “getting ready” experience and is a great entry point for engaging in truth and relationships.

Summit IMPACT: is a unique career networking event that is tailored toward Summit Alumni. If you are graduating from college, trade school, military, missions or are a recent graduate, this high-energy experience is for you! Many of our seasoned Summit Alumni, Christian business professionals, community leaders or ministry leaders desire to hire Summit students! They value young leaders that live out a strong biblical worldview. We simply create an environment for you to connect and grow!

Summit PATHFINDERS: for church leaders that want to build into future church and ministry leaders.