Summit Worldview Champions

Churches across the U.S. have sent students to Summit’s two-week Student Conferences. 

Consider partnering with Summit to utilize worldview training for students and youth ministry leadership!

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A recent Turning the Tide study shows the significant results and effects of a student attending Summit’s two-week Student Conference.

  • A student’s ability to defend their faith quadrupled
  • A student’s ability to explain what and why they believe more than tripled
  • A student’s understanding of a Christian worldview nearly tripled
  • A student’s confidence to share their faith more than doubled
  • A student’s preparation for higher education doubled

Church Champions

Our students who attended the Lancaster summit were deeply impacted by speakers and leaders who resonated with them. Several were moved to become counselors next year. They would tell you that the greatest thing that came out of the experience was lifelong friendships that were made.

Pastor Bob VanArsdale says, “Summit has had an incalculable impact on my daughters, not only because of what they learned but because of the friendships they made.” Even months after Summit, they Facetime their friends regularly and have even traveled to meet up with each other in different cities. The families of these students have also connected with each other and forged meaningful friendships.

Matthew had just finished his junior year of High School when he attended the Summit in Colorado. He was a decent student, but it was through his exposure to the content at Summit that he realized attending a Christian university was a priority. After he completed the 3 credit college requirements, he went home and finished his remaining High School credits so he could attend Lancaster Bible College in the fall. Matthew never expected Summit to catapult him into college and theology so quickly. He says, “If it were not for Summit, I would never have been so challenged in my learning and would not have gone to college a year early.”

Jack was encouraged by his pastor to attend Summit in Lancaster. It was a week marked by a newfound love for reading about profound and biblical subjects and a discovered calling for trafficking victims. While talking with one of the speakers, Dr. Yuan, Jack shared his desire to get involved in ministering to those in the sex traffic trade. Dr. Yuan, a professor at Moody Bible Institute, told Jack that Moody was the only school with a major in this subject. As a result, Jack is on the fast track towards attending Moody Bible Institute to learn how to meet the need he became so passionate about at Summit.” 

–Lee Wiggins, Lead Pastor

Denton Bible Church loves the impact Summit has had in the lives of their students. Growing up in the church they’ve been trained in truth, but going to Summit provides the chance for them to make their faith their own. Summit helps them prepare to defend their faith and to know that God is bigger than their questions. Our students are so excited about Summit when they come back they can’t stop talking about it and telling all their friends.  They love the friendships that they build at Summit and the fact that they aren’t just learning these things alone and they want their friends to experience that too.

–Keaton Adamson, Director of Student Ministries

“I’ve seen Summit help to grow an excitement about  the Word of God. Students have returned with an excitement and passion to engage Biblical truth. I’ve seen Summit encourage students to wrestle with how Biblical truth works its way into in the world around them. They want to talk about their time and all that they learned. I can see that their minds have been stirred and it excites me to see how excited they are!” -Jordan Krahn High School Ministry Pastor

2019 will be the third year for Kelview Heights Baptist Church of Midland, Texas to send their students to a Summit conference. The church has seen the importance of their students attending, and seek to help make that happen through a team of sponsors who assist the students by helping them with part of the cost.

The leaders at Kelview Heights talk about worldview and many cultural issues with their students and offer Summit as the capstone for their high school seniors and college students as they are preparing to transition into the next phase of life. Their youth pastor, Will, especially loves the quality of the faculty at Summit and wants his students to have the chance to hear and engage for themselves with these speakers. Kelview wants its students to be able to stand intelligently for their faith while reaching people with the gospel.

Summit helps the church train in a deeper and more detailed way and these students are at a time in their life when it is able to stick with them better. Summit brings quality speakers to one place. All you have to do is bring your group there to listen.

–Will Hobbs, College and Young Professionals Ministry

West Assembly encourages their youth to attend the 2-week Summit Student Conferences as a part of the church’s discipleship process.
“The majority of our youth have attended and some have even gone twice.  Our church desires the development of critical thinking and discernment for our students and believes it is vital for an effective Christianity. We have especially seen this result for those who have gone to Summit and have seen them become more engaged in living their faith.  They are challenging false ideas in culture and are not departing the faith but instead assuming their place in the overall mission of the church.  Our body is stronger as a result of the solid foundation they are receiving at Summit.” Darryl Johnson (Pastor)

“I see the staggering statistics of students leaving their faith. As a youth minister my hope is to impact students’ lives and it breaks my heart to see them walk away once they get to college. 

There is no other ministry that I know of that is doing exactly what summit is doing in equipping students for college and life beyond. 

Our culture is changing so fast that things that were once unthinkable are now normal. Summit is a ministry that helps students to stand and act as a light in this culture and dark world.

We recommend Summit to the students in our church and their families and many have been able to go. We have heard nothing but great feedback from the students who have attended and we know that they are better prepared for life and college following their time at Summit.” Kirby Neely, Pastor of Woodmen Students