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Summit Student Conference attendees are more likely to engage in their faith, stay in the church, and step into Christian leadership!

Summit’s Student Conference is a 12-day experience where students discover how to approach questions about faith and doubts in an ever-changing culture. We help them to resolutely champion a Christian worldview. Summit hosts ten Student Conferences in three locations.

We understand the unique challenges around the desire for deep relationships and intentional conversations about life. At Summit, over 475,000 students and adults have discovered the value of truth and relationship. More than knowing what they believe, they connect their faith with a Christian worldview, live it out, and lead others to do that same.


Many church leaders find that the Summit experience helps students learn how to have hard conversations, better engage with peers outside the church, and cement their faith foundation.

"Our students who attended the Lancaster [Student Conference] were deeply impacted by speakers and leaders who resonated with them. Several were moved to become counselors next year."
Lee Wiggins
Lead Pastor
“Summit helps the church train in a deeper and more detailed way and these students are at a time in their life when it is able to stick with them better. Summit brings quality speakers to one place. All you have to do is bring your group there to listen.”
Will Hobbs
College and Young Professionals Ministry
“Denton Bible Church loves the impact Summit has had in the lives of their students. Growing up in the church they’ve been trained in truth, but going to Summit provides the chance for them to make their faith their own."
Keaton Adamson
Director of Student Ministries
“Summit has had an incalculable impact on my daughters, not only because of what they learned but because of the friendships they made."
Bob VanArsdale
"Coming from a background where questions were perceived to be a hindrance to faith, Summit opened my eyes to the fact that Christians aren’t lacking in the intellectual marketplace of ideas."
2019 Alumni
Prospect, TN
"I came here to learn new things from new people, but perhaps the greatest lesson thus far is simply how much I have yet to learn."
2019 Alumni
Houston, TX