Student Conference Dates


Summit Ministries is tracking the latest CDC recommendations and White House announcements. Our students and summer staff are our highest priority. As of today, Student Conferences in Colorado & Georgia will take place as planned. In addition, Summit will be adding a virtual worldview experience this summer. To receive the latest updates on this new program, click here.

2020 Conference Dates

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Manitou Springs, Colorado

Session 1: May 17–May 30 (Guys: Open | Girls: Open)

Session 2: May 31–June 13 (Guys: Open | Girls: Full)

Session 3: June 14–June 27 (Guys: Full | Girls: Full)

Session 4: July 5–July 18 (Guys: Open | Girls: Full)

Session 5: July 19–August 1 (Guys: Open | Girls: Full)

Session 6: August 2–August 15 (Guys: Open | Girls: Open)

Session 7: August 16–August 29 (Guys: Open | Girls: Open)

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Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Session 1: June 21–July 4 (Guys: Open | Girls: Open)

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