Student Conference Dates

2019 Conference Dates

Select a session below to view the two-week schedule of activities and lectures. Check back before the start of your session, as the schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions about your upcoming session call us 866.SUMMIT3!

Colorado: Summit HQ

Session 7: August 18–August 31
Girls (Open)
Guys (Open)

2020 Conference Dates

Click states below for location-specific information! Registration will launch in September 2020.

Colorado: Summit HQ

Session 1: May 17–May 30

Session 2: May 31–June 13

Session 3: June 14–June 27

Session 4: July 5–July 18

Session 5: July 19–August 1

Session 6: August 2–August 15

Session 7: August 16–August 29

Georgia: Covenant College

Session 1: June 21–July 4