College Credit

Receive 3 College Credits in 2 Weeks for $400


  • • College Credit is offered through Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA.
    • This course is titled “Contemporary Worldviews” and transcripted as Humanities 110.
    • Summit uses a 10-point grading scale (93–100% = A | 90–92% = A- | 87–89% = B+ | 83– 86% = B | 80–82% = B- | 77–79% = C+ | 73–76% = C | 70–72% = C | 69% or below = No Credit)

Note: Because LBC is accredited, most schools usually accept the credits. However, it is best to contact your college’s Registrar Office to see if they will accept this course. College syllabus is coming soon.

Registration & Tuition

  • • A separate registration for college credit must be filled out and turned in to the front desk by noon on the second Monday of the session
    • Include your non-refundable tuition payment—$400 for three credits.
    • We are awaiting final confirmation from the state of California and Tennessee to ensure credit will be offered for students attending Summit conferences in those states.


  • 1stTuesday of a session – College credit overview meeting in the class at Noon to 12:15 pm.
  • 2ndMonday of a session – Application, and Tuition due at the front desk by Noon.
  • 2ndThursday of a session – College credit exam review in the classroom from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm.
  • 2ndThursday of a session – Also, the essay is due by 2:30 pm.
  • 2ndFriday of a session – College credit exam in the classroom from 1 pm to 2:15 pm.
  • Saturday – Clock starts for the 15-page minimum research paper. Paper is due in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions For 3-Credit

  • Will my paper be returned to me after it has been graded?
    • Your paper will be emailed back to you, with a summary of your final grade, after it has been graded.
  • When Can I expect to hear about my final grade?
    • Be prepared to wait at least 6–8 weeks after emailing in your paper to receive word about your final grade. Samuel Youngs will email your graded paper to you.

Step 1: Worldview Essay


  • Everyone must write an essay (the essay is due on the second Thursday at 2:30 pm)
  • The essay is worth 5 points. Each point that you earn is added to your final grade.
  • This essay should be written in your own words — no footnotes, quotes, or a bibliography

No more than two pages…please staple at the front desk

If handwritten, then single-spaced (use college-ruled paper available at the front desk)

If Typed, then Word doc, double-spaced, 1.25” margins, 12 pt, Times New Roman font


The essay should cover the following

Note: You don’t need an intro or conclusion section

Paragraph 1: Defining Worldview (1 point)

  • Define the term “worldview”
  • Discuss the importance of understanding and studying various worldviews

Paragraph 2: Identifying Worldviews (2 points)

  • Define and compare four of the major beliefs/tenets (e.g. theology, philosophy, ethics, biology) of the Christian worldview with a non-Christian worldview from Summit’s worldview chart (i.e., Secularism, Postmodernism, New Spirituality, Marxism, or Islam).

Note: This chart is found in Understanding The Times textbook. You will need a copy. You must identify and define your terms from the chart.

Paragraph 3: Critiquing Worldviews (2 points)

  • Discuss the problems associated with the non-Christian worldview you identified above. What are the consequences of the beliefs/tenets associated with the worldview you identified? Are these beliefs/ideas rational? Why or why not? Be objective.


Everyone starts out with 5 points but will be deducted for the following: (a) not following directions, (b) horrific grammar/spelling, (c) undefined terms, (d) incomplete definitions

Step 2: Comprehensive Exam

Exam Overview

  • This a comprehensive multiple-choice exam with questions from the classroom lectures
  • There will be around three to four questions from various lectures (around 75–100 questions)
  • Students will have one hour to take the exam (second Friday from 1:00 – 2:00)
  • There will be an exam review the day before (second Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30)

Hint: Take good notes and review your notes each night for about 10 to 15 minutes

Step 3: Research Paper

Research Paper Overview

  • A 15-page minimum research paper will be graded by a resident professor
  • The paper must be emailed within 30 days after the end of your session
  • Research paper reflects 1/3rdof the final grade, the short essay and exam comprise 2/3rds

Note: If you register and pay for 3 credit hours, yet do not submit the required research paper by the deadline, you will receive a grade of zero for that portion of the course requirements. In most cases, this means you will get a failing grade.

Research Paper Topics

Choose one of the following topics on which to write your paper:

Topic 1: A Christian Response to the Environment: Compare and contrast a biblical view of the environment and our place in it with what major secular worldviews suggest about the environment and our place in it with. Discuss the fundamental assumptions that flow from each worldview to shape how this issue is understood. A specific application should be made to the current global warming debate.

Topic 2: A Christian Understanding of Personhood and Human Rights: Compare and contrast a biblical view of personhood and human rights with the viewpoints of other major worldviews. Discuss the fundamental assumptions that flow from each worldview to shape how this issue is understood. Include a specific discussion about one of the following contemporary social issues: A major bioethical challenge, such as cloning, transhumanism, the stem-cell debate, abortion, etc… or Human trafficking

Research Paper Guidelines:

  • Length/Format: The paper must include at least ten pages in addition to a title page and a bibliography. It should be typed and use 12-point Times New Roman font. Each page should have one-inch margins all around, be double-spaced, and be numbered in the top right-hand corner. The following elements should be included in your paper:
  • Cover sheet:(1 page): Give your topic title, your name, the submission date, and course title, “Contemporary Worldviews.”
  • Introduction:(approx. 1 page): Get the reader’s attention and explain why this topic is important, what your goals are for the discussion, and how you intend to structure your discussion of the topic (list and briefly describe your main points).
  • The body of paper:(approx. 12 pages): Following the outline of your main points, address each topic in detail and state your researched opinion, backing it up with quotes.
  • Summation:(approx. 1 page): Restate the main conclusions.
  • Bibliography:(1–2 pages): List all the works consulted in your research, both those you quoted from and others you used to form your conclusions. (Make sure this is a full bibliography.
  • Citation: The text should be in well-written prose with key quotes validating your When using direct quotes, you should briefly explain the context from which the quote was taken. Quotes of more than 30 words should be single-spaced and indented ½ inch from the left and right margins, and all direct quotes should be a footnote or endnote. You must use a footnote/endnote style. Two such styles are the Chicago and Turabian styles, which can be found online.

Note: MLA format, commonly taught in high schools, is not acceptable for this paper for the following reasons: MLA uses parenthetical references for all quotes, while the Chicago/Turabian styles use footnotes or endnotes. Using notes gives the body of the paper the clean line college professors are looking for. MLA uses a “works cited” page instead of a bibliography, while Chicago/Turabian recommends a formal bibliography. Again, college professors will be looking for a formal bibliography and if you use the informal “works cited,” you will lose points.

Sources: Primary sources are strongly preferred over secondary sources; the individual’s own writings are granted more weight than commentaries on them. You should focus your attention on the primary sources: quoting from them, analyzing them, and fully documenting your references. Your grade will be based on:

  • How well you follow the instructions given here
  • Your use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Most of all, how well your paper develops and defends your claims

Completed papers need to be submitted to Summit staff Dustin Jizmejian and formatted at .doxc with the subject in the email reading “(Your Name) (Your Session) (Session State) Summit Summer Conference Paper.” The paper must be emailed submitted within 30 days of attending the Summit Student Conference.

Research Paper Grading Criteria

Each paper has 100 possible points, which will be broken down into two sections:

Organization/professionalism: each sub-category is worth 8 points, for a possible 40 points total

  • Clear introduction and purpose
  • Clear structure (sections demarcated, outline clear)
  • Well-organized footnotes or endnotes (parenthetical notation not acceptable)
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Format (pages numbered, margins) and typing (line and word spacing)

Substance/content: each sub-category lists the points allotted, for a possible 60 points total

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the topic with good use of research (35 pts.)
  • Applies worldview and biblical insights appropriately to the topic (20 pts.)
  • Quality of bibliography (5 pts.)