Apply to Staff at Summit

Consider applying to be a part of the Student Conference summer staffing team 

Each year, summer staffers help students who are experiencing apathy, loneliness, and distractions.  Staffers will help students explore a life of purpose and meaning. Staffers individually invest in students through small group and one on one interactions. They also lead students to Jesus by guiding them through challenges that have caused hurt and confusion in their lives. Staffers do this by using Summit’s philosophy of combining truth and relationship. 

We are looking for staffers who will challenge, encourage, and engage students with intentionality! Staffers play a large part in helping students feel valued, cared for, and challenged to be a part of the solution instead of the problems in the world.

Over the past four years, Summit has hosted an average of 1,500 students with 140 summer staffers each summer in three locations. Summit averages 6 students to each summer staffer.

Steps to becoming a Summit Summer Staffer:

  1. Apply (Fall)
  2. Interview Process 
  3. Selection Process (Spring)
Summer staff receives a payment stipend every two weeks, along with room and board at each location.

Apply for general summer staffing positions for 2020 

Apply for a first aid / medical position for 2020