Spring 2019 Events: Identity

Many today see their sexual orientation as the central aspect of their identity.

If our bodies are all we have, and our sexual impulses are our strongest urges, then sexual expression must be the key to authenticity, right? Many buy into this idea and propose that sexual freedom for everyone will be the pinnacle of liberty.

But at its heart, this idea leaves us empty and broken. There is a way out. The journey to sexual wholeness isn’t an easy one. It requires us to live out culturally unpopular ideas, but it also allows us to experience intimacy with our creator.

If identity is a topic that you regularly find yourself discussing register to attend these two upcoming events for adults.

Summit Basecamp 

  • Truth and Relationship in a Sexually Confused Culture
  • January 31st
  • In-Person registration Springs Church, Colorado Springs
  • Simulcast link available for online audiences
  • Speakers and Schedule

Be Conference  

Did you Know:

Each Student Conference summer session covers the topic of Identity, due to its rising popularity and relevance. Every summer Summit staff and faculty walk alongside students wrestling with issues of worldview related to identity.