The Colorado Be’19 Conference will take place at the Summit Ministries Hotel in Manitou Springs. Situated at sixty-four hundred feet, the quaint mountain town of Manitou Springs offers hiking, creek-side restaurants, shopping, art galleries, coffee shops, and mineral springs. Manitou Springs is nestled at the base of the Pikes Peak, which creates a perfect setting for time to rest, relax, and explore the beauty of Colorado’s Pikes Peak region. Originally titled the Grand View Hotel and built in the 1880’s, the hotel has served as Summit’s base since 1962.

The ballroom of the hotel serves as the conference lecture hall. The lobby and spacious bookstore offer space for fellowship and community discussions. Meals will take place in the historic 3rd floor dining room.

Summit Ministries Hotel
935 Osage Ave
Manitou Springs, CO 80829