Hiring: Shipping Manager

“The Summit cultivates rising generations to resolutely champion a biblical worldview.”

Every position with Summit is essential to the ministry and its fulfillment of our mission statement.  Therefore, every employee of Summit must be a Christ follower who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Every employee must be able and willing to share the Gospel and biblical worldview and to lead and/or participate in devotions, exhortation and prayer.

Shipping Manager

REPORTS TO:  Product Manager                                                                 CLASSIFICATION: FT/Non-Exempt

Summary of Position:

Responsible for all operations of the Summit Warehouse including but not limited to processing and shipping orders, processing returns and inventory, organizing the warehouse, preparing documentation, purchasing supplies, cleaning, and providing leadership to the warehouse team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive and process orders received from the main office (decipher order details, retrieve correct items, package items in the most economical fashion, put marketing pamphlets and brochures in each shipment, label boxes according to their order number). Document all details of each shipment (number of boxes, what is inside each box, and who prepared it).
  • Review all notes that were made to verify the correct contents. If needed, open individual boxes.
  • Verify and enter shipping information (customer address, contact details, department charged) in shipping software. If needed, contact customer to confirm address. Document details of shipment (tracking number, cost, and date shipped).
  • Contact carriers to schedule pickup of packages.
  • Send all details of each day’s shipments to the business office (daily report).
  • Ensure all received orders are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Create and maintain accurate documentation of all warehouse processes including but not limited to shipping, organizing, making kits, backing up software, cleaning, and daily reports.
  • Process all returns in a comprehensive fashion, paying attention to and documenting the state (damaged or good) of each item returned.
  • Process incoming inventory in a logical manner verifying that the item received is what was ordered, that the quantity received matches what was ordered, and that each item (to the best of one’s ability and time) is in “new” condition (if not, document how many are not).
  • Perform quarterly inventory count (manually going through a list of items in stock and counting each individual item).
  • Maintain awareness of quantities of certain inventory between counts. Request that more be purchased as needed.
  • Maintain awareness of quantities of all non-inventory items (boxes, tape, ink, paper, water bottles, etc.). Order/Purchase whenever needed supplies fall below recommended minimum (as determined in documentation).
  • Prepare kits (multiple items in pre-packaged form) for upcoming season and maintain a minimum quantity of each complete kit.
  • Organize warehouse in a logical manner according to each item’s importance and frequency of order. (Rearrange items as needed for inventory counts.)
  • Coordinate with superior(s) and others as needed to receive additional team members on days when large quantities of items will be delivered (yearly).
  • Clean and maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse during all seasons.
  • Maintain good relationships with carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS) and suppliers (Tharco, U-line, Endicia).
  • Strategize and implement improvements.
  • Maintains awareness of domestic and international shipping policies and procedures.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Mature Christian, grounded in the Word and Biblical worldview with a passion for Summit’s mission
  • Computer literate
  • Extreme attention to details
  • Excellent peer-to-peer communication skills
  • Self-motivated (able to work without direct supervision)
  • Good time management skills and ability to be flexible with schedule
  • Capable of lifting 50+ lbs.
  • Ability to maintain a good attitude
  • Ability to delegate responsibilities when needed to accomplish the bigger goal
  • Experience with pallet jacks, hand truck, flat-bed carts, label machines
  • Familiar with shipping processes
  • Team player, active participant and willing to do whatever is asked to further the mission of Summit Ministries

Working Conditions/Physical Factors:

  • Warehouse environment (mostly indoors – occasional outdoor work).
  • Daily: Lifting 50+ pounds.
  • Daily: Standing approximately 85% of the workday.
  • Daily: Working with computer approximately 15% of day
  • Frequently: Use of Hand Truck
  • Occasionally: Use of Pallet Jack


Minimum HS diploma required, with experience in related (shipping) field. Familiar with Summit’s mission.

Please do not inquire by phone. To apply, use this form or send your cover letter and resume to: josh@summit.org