Hiring: Product Specialist

“Summit Ministries exists to equip and support rising generations to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview.”

Every position with Summit is essential to the ministry and its fulfillment of our mission statement.  Therefore, every employee of Summit must be a Christ-follower who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Every employee must be able and willing to share the Gospel and biblical worldview and to lead and/or participate in devotions, exhortation, and prayer.

Product Specialist

REPORTS TO: Director of Publishing and Content

Summary of Position:

The Product Specialist at Summit Ministries will provide project management, data management, and logistics coordination for the Publishing and Content Group. They will participate in creative problem solving, product development, and the creation of processes while being a master of detail and organization. As a member of the Publishing and Content Group, they will learn about needs in the marketplace and will participate in ideating creative new products and content to reach Summit’s target audience for the furthering of the ministry’s mission.


  • Manage all product purchasing details including scheduling, projecting, and reporting.
  • Build and maintain relationships with relevant publishers and vendors.
  • Update and monitor the accuracy of all product data in the ministry’s database (NetSuite ERP).
  • Support the planning and acquiring of new products and product lines along with internal and external contributors.

Project Management and Coordination

  • Coordinate Publishing and Content Group involvement with other ministry departments, groups, and teams.
  • Serve as the project manager for non-curriculum products within the Publishing and Content Group. Provide input in the editorial process, layout, design, and vendor selection.
  • Develop procedures for effective and timely execution of Publishing and Content Group projects.

Product Sales Coordination

  • Oversee sales, stocking, and customer care at the in-person bookstore throughout the summer months and for one-time events.
  • Coordinate logistics with other department members for any off-site conference sales.
  • Manage all item data, shipping data, and fulfillment records on our online webstore while coordinating with other department members.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Sales Group to plan for products releases, sales, and distribution.


  • Participate in development brainstorming and ideation for new products and resources with the Publishing and Content Group.
  • Assist in managing the fiscal budget in support of the Director of Publishing and Content.
  • Identify and report issues that threaten or opportunities that could improve efficiencies and effectiveness of reaching goals. Recommend actions needed to minimize or eliminate threats and meet goals.
  • Help plan and execute a strategic plan for all products.
  • Assure a consistent brand image to all relevant constituents both external and internal.


Education requirement:

Bachelors’ degree with major in business management, supply chain management, project management, or applicable field.

Previous experience requirement:

Minimum 3 years of product management, supply chain management, data management, or project management.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A strong faith in Jesus Christ, grounded in the Holy Scriptures and demonstrated integrity
  • Understands and embraces a biblical worldview
  • Familiar with Summit
  • Adaptable to Summit’s culture
  • Highly organized
  • Proactive towards identifying and solving problems
  • Maximum attention to detail
  • Excellence in Excel and proficiency in other Office programs
  • A love of finding new and creative ways to improve efficiencies
  • Experience with data management software
  • Advanced communication skills

Working Conditions:

Primarily in an office environment. May be expected to travel on a limited basis. May be able to perform duties remotely while working in regular communication and collaboration with the team.

Please do not inquire by phone. To apply, use this form or send your cover letter and resume to: josh@summit.org