Hiring: Director of Marketing & Sales

“Summit Ministries exists to equip and support rising generations to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview.”

Every position with Summit is essential to the ministry and its fulfillment of our mission statement.  Therefore, every employee of Summit must be a Christ-follower who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Every employee must be able and willing to share the Gospel and biblical worldview and to lead and/or participate in devotions, exhortation and prayer.

Director of Marketing and Sales

REPORTS TO: Vice President of Program Services
DIRECT REPORTS: (2) Marketing Specialists, (2) Curriculum (sales) Specialists, (2) Customer Support Specialists, plus contractors in PR, marketing and graphic design.
PAY RANGE: $90,000 -$105,000 DOE

Summary of Position:

The Director of Marketing & Sales oversees the marketing, sales and customer service strategies for the Program Services Team. This position is responsible for generating the “wow” that grows the value of Summit Ministries’ brand and attracts and serves customers for its products/services. The director plays a key leadership role in Summit’s overall public relations, communications, and brand development strategies.


Growing Visibility

  • Generate and amplify opportunities for the CEO and other principals (speakers, authors) as biblical worldview thought-leaders
  • Oversee and support outside consultants in public relations, sales, and marketing technology (i.e. website optimization and search engine optimization)


  • Develop and execute a marketing strategy in coordination with Programs Services and Advancement teams to generate greater reach to Summit’s target market.
  • Provide day-to-day leadership to the Marketing and Sales Team.
  • Coordinate with the Program Services team to craft marketing messages that grow the market for Summit Ministries’ products/services.


  • Develop and execute a sales strategy that meets Summit’s annual Program Services revenue goals.
  • Manage sales team and processes for all Program Services products and services.
  • Works with other members of the Program Services team to equip the sales team with the most accurate information about each of Summit’s products and services.
  • Ensures consistent use of Summit’s CRM system through shared standards.

Customer Service

  • Develop and execute a customer service strategy that ensures good communications with customers throughout their engagement with Summit Ministries.
  • Manage customer service team and report on performance against customer service standards.
  • Provides market insight and customer feedback to the Program Services team to improve Summit Ministries’ products and services.

General Program Services

  • Acts as the eyes and ears for Program Services in the marketplace.
  • Provides feedback to the team on the success of various marketing and sales efforts.
  • Performs periodic customer surveys to determine long term success of Summit’s programs


  • Support the Summit brand and its ongoing development in partnership with the VP of Advancement.
  • Leads regular cross-functional PR, marketing, and sales brainstorming events to expand the reach of Summit’s brand.
  • Oversee ongoing optimization and customer experience of Summit’s website and internet presence.
  • Ensure visual, tone, style, communications (email and print), and web standards that express Summit’s brand.
  • Collaboratively manage an annual communication calendar to coordinate communications scheduling.
  • Provides editorial review service for all external messages.
    Work closely with Summit’s Advancement team to confirm the continuity of the Program Services marketing message and Advancement’s donor messaging.
  • Maintain internal communication standards for Summit to ensure internal consistency with Summit’s brand.


Bachelors’ degree with a major in a field applicable to the responsibilities.

Previous experience
Minimum five (5) years of marketing and/or sales experience required. Preference for someone with strong marketing and leadership experience.

Skills and Qualifications

  • A strong faith in Jesus Christ, grounded in the Holy Scriptures and demonstrated integrity.
  • Agreement with Summit’s Statement of Faith & Convictions.
  • Understands and embraces a biblical worldview.
  • Familiarity with Summit’s work.
  • Adaptable to Summit’s culture.
  • Knowledge of marketing and sales principles and approaches.
  • Advanced communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively with the general marketplace.

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