Student Conferences 2019

Summit Summer year in review

By Dustin Jizmejian, interim VP of Programs

Just a few weeks ago we wrapped up our 57th summer here at Summit. We are excited to see God continually bless the work being done. Some fun facts, we had 16 countries represented across our 10 sessions. There were over 67 faculty members who taught our 1,527 students over 600 hours of lecture. Also, there were 527.5 hours of lectures this summer and 99 hours of Open Forums. We had 133 seasonal staff members give of their summer to serve the students who could’ve come from 48 of the 50 states.

It was a summer of laughs, tears, thoughtful engagement, and many eyes opened to the wonder for the Christian life. While the students were only here 13 days, these days can shape the course of a life. There were 44 students who committed their life to Christ and 90% our students decided to begin a new healthy habit and/or quit an unhealthy habit.

These changes are not arbitrary or out of the ordinary for Summit. In fact, this is true of every summer, when we engage in topics such as pro-life, atheism, post-modernism, socialism, pornography, traditional marriage, we do so in a way that shows Christianity is defendable in the marketplace of ideas.

Not only is it defendable, but it is livable. Students see this lived out in our full-time staff, summer staff, and faculty. Students see that these ideas have legs that form life and shape society.

A 13-day worldview summer conference for 16-25 year olds