Video Clip – A Christian Response to Homosexuality

A Christian Response to Homosexuality

“We all need to pursue holiness. A deeper relationship with Jesus, full surrender.”

– Christopher Yuan, Professor, Moody Bible Institute

Christopher Yuan, a teacher at Moody Bible Institute who lived as a gay man, asks and answers the question, “How has the church been perceived at engaging the LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender) community?” Most see Christians as anti-homosexual, not anti-homosexuality, and Yuan explores the distinctions between the two.
Yuan insists the Christian response to homosexuality should be consistent when it comes to relationships, sexuality, and change. Everyone struggles with sin—for some it is homosexuality—and everyone needs compassion, companionship, and communion with Christ to overcome sinfulness. All Christians must be pursuing sexual purity as told in the bible, something he calls holy sexuality. For Christians, the focus can and should be on the Good News, not the bad news.