Parenting in the Pandemic

POSTPONED: Summit’s “Parenting in the Pandemic” webinar with Ryan and Laura Dobson has been postponed. If you register below, we will update you when the event has been rescheduled. Thank you for your patience. 


In this season of stay-at-home learning, lockdowns, sickness, and anxiety, parenting is harder than ever. Bring your frustrations and find hope. To find freedom, sometimes you’ve got to start a rebellion.

Nobody is more keenly aware of what “failure” feels like than parents. Every day, our hard-fought and heart-felt efforts to shape, mold, nurture, and love our kids challenge our wisdom, our intellect, our patience and sometimes even our marriages and our faith.

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Our Guests: Ryan and Laura Dobson

Ryan and Laura are leading a rebellion not for the faint of heart. It’s a rebellion that fights for the hearts and souls of parents and families. As an alumnus of Summit, Ryan has spent his adult life analyzing culture and responding with boldness. It was this mindset and understanding of culture that prompted Ryan and his wife, Laura, to found REBEL Parenting.

Ryan is no stranger to strengthening marriages and parents. He is a product of successful parenting, living a very public life as the son of America’s foremost family expert, author and radio broadcasting parenting specialist Dr. James Dobson. He launched his own radio broadcast with the purpose of “building passion and identity in Christ followers.” For two years running he had nearly 10 million listens. He then helped his dad found “Family Talk” and also served as the Vice President of the broadcast.

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