Is God Even Relevant?

Is God even relevant?

According to Barna research, students ages 13–17 spend 48 percent of their free time after school scrolling through social media feeds and texting. The ideas they see online create a reality of norms, often counter to biblical truth. By comparison, only 8 percent of their time is devoted to reading the Bible, having devotions, or praying. These numbers may help explain the decline in youth group attendance and why students struggle to live through the lens of a Christian worldview. But we serve a God who wins in the end, and as youth leaders, you have the opportunity to help your students live for more.

Over the past few weeks, we have uncovered answers and questions for you to help guide your students on a journey to understanding truth. We’ve see how idea viruses creep into our lives. However, we have also seen the power of Jesus to enable each of us to have victory through each trial faced.

A student attending Summit’s two-week conference for the first time later explained his faith at that time:

  • “I didn’t see God as relevant and couldn’t wait to leave church as soon as I finished high school.”
  • “My theism was only theoretical. In practice, I was an atheist.”
  • “I based my actions on what felt good. I fled discomfort.”
  • “I turned to God only for rescue from sticky situations.”

This student was Summit Ministries President, Dr. Jeff Myers.

Ready to graduate from church and high school at the same time, Myers didn’t see God as relevant. When his parents dropped him off in Manitou Springs, Colorado, to attend a two-week Christian worldview conference, his course began to reverse.

At Summit, Dr. Jeff learned

  • to see God as the Creator through whom the universe came into being (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1–3);
  • to see God as Sustainer of the world, holding everything together (Colossians 1:17);
  • to see God as Communicator to the world. The whole universe speaks the language of God, and God is personally present in Jesus.

Next Steps

Experience Summit for yourself at Summit Basecamp for youth leaders. Summit longs to equip the church to live through the lens of Christian worldview. Send your students to Summit’s signature student conference in 2019 to help solidify what you are already teaching them. We would love to talk with you and find out how we can help get your students to Summit next summer.

Our Benediction

Because of Jesus, fear and despair cannot destroy us. His love is unconditional. His victory is unconquerable. His purpose is unassailable. His peace is unbreakable. His hope is undeniable. Yes, we are in a secret battle of ideas, but the outcome is assured. Jesus has won. Live in the light of this truth and share it with your students each week.

Portions of this section come from chapters 11 & 12 of The Secret Battle of Ideas about God (Colorado, David C. Cook, 2017) written by Jeff Myers.


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