Five Answers to guide students through the Secret Battle

What are the five questions?

An Invisible War

Students are victims in a battle of ideas. These ideas lead to actions and decisions and determine a student’s understanding of life’s meaning. Ideas guide them to live and think about the world in a specific way.

We have compiled a resource for youth leaders, based on The Secret Battle of Ideas about God by Summit’s President, Dr. Jeff Myers. This guide will help youth leaders combat questions students ask that, if they aren’t answered with biblical truth, will lead to false ideas about who they are in Christ.

Connect with us along the way.

Even though this may seem like an impersonal letter, we at Summit want to connect personally and walk with you while you guide your students to live out a biblical worldview. We look forward to brainstorming together and helping you achieve the breakthroughs you desire.

These days, students have to be able to talk—and know they are heard—in order to learn and grow. Giving them freedom within the church’s youth group to talk about life, faith, and what matters helps promote this.

Students in your youth group wrestle internally to make sense of their faith in the culture surrounding them. What doubts do you see your students wrestling with? What challenges are they facing at school and in their homes? More importantly, who is answering these questions?

Typically, two types of students make up a youth group:

  • Students with unanswered questions
  • Students with unquestioned answers
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Over the next two weeks, we will send emails to help you dive deeper into issues to help protect and anchor faith for the next generation. The video resources and the questions in this resource come from Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers and his book, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God.

“Students need to know, that we’re not afraid of questions. But they also need to know that their Christian faith is backed by solid answers.” Dr. Jeff Myers, President, Summit Ministries

As a youth leader, you have the opportunity to help students engage with their faith and connect with others who have very different beliefs. You can guide students to understand truth and grace as they wrestle through their questions and interact with a post-Christian culture.

If you are not engaging your students’ hard questions and challenging them when they settle for shallow answers, they may end up feeling powerless against doubt and misinformation. But as their mentor, you have the opportunity to model truth within relationship.

Summit’s student approach.

Relationship without truth leads to apathy, and truth without relationship leads to arrogance. By combining truth with relationship, your students will understand what it looks like to love and disciple others and make a lasting difference in their communities and a lifelong difference in their own lives.

That’s why we’ve compiled this resource for youth leaders. We know your students look to you for guidance, and with this easy-to-apply format, you will be able to use this resource to navigate hard questions about life, faith, and what is happening in the culture now.